Independent TV producer to feature NMI history and culture

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21st Century Television Ltd., an independent producer for the National Geographic Channel and other international TV networks, will feature NMI history and culture in a documentary.

Executive producer Nigel Cosans and his team visited Saipan and Tinian from Dec. 13 to 22 to film island scenes.

Cosans said the documentary “will be marketed all over the world through Earth Touch which deals in sustainable tourism.”

He added that Earth Touch is a show distributor for the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Smithsonian Channel, the Travel Channel, among others.

He said the documentary about the CNMI will be aired in China, Korea, Japan, and France with a total viewership of 100 million.

Apart from featuring local history and the cultures and traditions of the Chamorros and Carolinians, Cosans said the documentary will include an interview with biologist Dr. Brian Lapointe who has assessed the quality of the NMI reefs.

This is going to be a pilot in a series about not-so-well-known destinations,” Cosans said, adding they will also feature Fiji and the Philippines.

For NMI history and culture, Cosans said they interviewed Carolinian elder Lino Olopai and historian Don Farrell.

Mr. Olopai told us a lot of stories and provided excellent information that will make this documentary very special for Saipan,” Cosans said.

He added that he and his crew were also introduced to Gordon Marciano, managing director at Pacific Development Inc. or PDI.

With the help of local historian Genevieve Cabrera and Don Farrell, Marciano said PDI arranged World War II sites and cave tours for the TV crew on Saipan and Tinian.

Also included in the documentary are Chamolinian Cultural Village Inc., Canoe Federation navigators Tony Pialug, Cecilio Raiukaiulipiy, and John Castro as well as performing artists Man Antigu/Domatsuri Dancers.

Through 500 Sails and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs-Seafaring Traditions program, Cosans’ team filmed scenes depicting the canoe carving and seafaring traditions of the islands.

The crew likewise interviewed officials with Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research and Extension Education Services and the Bureau of Environmental Coastal Quality regarding sustainable tourism.

After over a week of exposure to NMI culture and traditions, Cosans commended the local people for actively protecting their heritage. “They have some great ideas in preserving their culture,” he added. “Saipan is a pristine island with some fantastic history and culture that no one knows about. We are here to promote the destination”

He added, “I think the U.S. market could come here if the flights were more reasonably priced.”

Imperial Pacific Resort provided rooms and accommodations for Cosans and his team, which will also feature Chairman M’s Chef Haisong Chen whose vast k nowledge in Chinese cuisine and other dishes has earned him a 2-star Michelin status.

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