3 men arrested in separate incidents

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THREE men were arrested in three separate offense incidents.

John Frederick Ngeskebei was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and disturbing the peace.

Joseph Anthony Magofna was charged with assault and battery, strangulation, and disturbing the peace.

Robert Jake Palacios was charged with theft and criminal mischief.

The defendants appeared before Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho on Friday for a bail hearing in the custody of the Department of Corrections.

Court documents state that Ngeskebei, 34, held a fishing knife against a man near Chalan Piao Market in the evening of Nov. 6, 2019.  Ngeskebei was demanding money from the man, the prosecution said, adding that the defendant is known to ask anyone in the area for money whether he knows them or not.

Judge Camacho imposed a $10,000 cash bail on Ngeskebei and remanded him to prison.

Magofna, 44, is accused of punching his partner on the chest and choking her.

He was also remanded to prison after the judge set the bail at $20,000 cash.

Palacios, 31, stole another person’s cell phone while riding in the victim’s car, the prosecution said,
At the bail hearing, the government was represented by Assistant Attorney General Samantha Vickery while Assistant Public Defender Karie Comstock represented the defendants.

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