JKPL expansion to cost $2M

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TO better serve the community, the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library is planning to build a multimedia and technology center that will cost $2 million, JKPL Director Erlinda Naputi said.

She noted that based on the JKPL Citizen Centric report for 2019, the library recorded 147,983 visits and 51,626 registered users this year.

“Our goal is to expand our technology center,” she said. “With funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, we have already procured tablets for e-books on Saipan, Tinian and Rota.”

Moreover, she said they have already completed the architectural design for the library expansion, which includes the construction of a second floor.

Naputi said they were hoping to begin the project last year, but they had to postpone it after Typhoon Yutu hit the island in Oct. 2018 and the government had to implement austerity measures.

Once the new technology center of the library is completed, Naputi said businesses or agencies can rent it. “Our goal is to try to make money, too, for the library,” she added.

28th anniversary

On Saturday, as part of its 28th anniversary celebration, the library hosted an Authors Fair that featured writers Don Farrell, Lino Olopai, Jane Mack, Walt Goodridge, Denita Pialur Kaipat Yangetmai, and Zaldy Dandan.

There was ornament-, bracelet-   bead-making and other do-it-yourself demonstrations. For their part, local artists registered with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs held an arts and crafts exhibition.

Other activities included an online scavenger hunt and a presentation on “how to become a graphic artist.”

In addition, the young patrons of the library get to meet Santa Claus and pose for photos with him.

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