6 lawmakers have never missed a session

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OF the 29 members of the 21st Legislature, only six — four in the House and two in the Senate — have never missed a session.

The rest were excused from sessions for various reasons.

Those with perfect attendance in the House are House Floor Leader John Paul P. Sablan, former House Minority Leader Edwin Propst, Reps. Ivan Blanco and Joel Camacho.

In the Senate, Senate President Victor B. Hocog of Rota and Sen. Vinnie Sablan of Saipan have not missed a session.

“It is our responsibility as legislators to ensure we are present during sessions to vote on bills and/or resolutions, debate amendments, recognize groups or people, deliberate issues and decisions, deliver speeches, etc.,” Sen. Vinnie Sablan said in an interview.

“We play a vital role given to us by the people through elections to represent the common good of the people we represent. I stand firm alongside my constituents and will always do my very best to represent them well especially during sessions as it is the duty of all legislators,” he added.

Victor Hocog, Vinnie Sablan, and John Paul Sablan.


Edwin Propst, Joel Camacho, and Ivan Blanco.

House Floor Leader John Paul Sablan said: “I hold my seat with a lot of honor and sincerity and I always make sure that I’m here to work for my people in Precinct 2.”


As a member of the House leadership, he said it is important to always be present in sessions “so we can deliberate on legislation and other issues as we perform our fiduciary duty to our people.”

But he also said that whenever a legislator misses a session it does not necessarily mean that the member failed to do his or her job.

He said aside from attending committee meetings and other legislative events, lawmakers must also spend time in their respective precincts to serve their constituents and ensure that community projects are implemented.

Rep. Joel Camacho, for his part, said his experience as a longtime legislative assistant gave him “a lot of perspective on the need to be present and prompt.”

He added, “I want to make it my absolute priority to be always present in the office because that is where we represent our community.”

He said he attends sessions to “maximize the opportunity” to represent his constituents in Precinct 4.

He noted that many bills are usually referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operations, which he chairs.

“I take that job very seriously. To move critical legislation effectively, you have to be present in the session,” he added.

Rep. Ivan Blanco said  being the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee “is an incredibly important and demanding responsibility” especially in light of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said he and his colleagues in the committee have worked hard over the course of the last two years.  The work, he added, requires long hours to ensure that members of the public receive the services they deserve.

“Showing up is only part of the work, but I am proud of the work we have done outside of sessions, and that includes community events, stakeholder meetings, and many others,” Blanco said.

“We represent the people of our precincts, and remaining in contact with them is the most important job we have. Representing the men, women, families and businesses of Precinct 3 has been an honor of a lifetime, and one I hope to continue to do in the years ahead. I look forward to continue working in and out of official sessions for our community,” he added.

So far, the 21st House has held 25 regular and 14 special sessions.

Attendance record

The other House members and their attendance records are as follows:

Speaker Blas Jonathan Attao; 38 present, one excused; Rep. Edmund Villagomez, 38 present, one excused; Rep. Luis John Castro, 37 present, two excused; Rep. Joseph Flores, 37 present, two excused; Rep. Jose Itibus, 37 present, two excused; Rep. Donald Manglona, 37 present, two excused; Rep. Roman Benavente, 36 present, three excused; Vice Speaker Lorenzo Deleon Guerrero, 36 present, three excused; Rep. Janet Maratita, 35 present, four excused; Rep. Tina Sablan, 35 present, four excused; Rep. Ralph Yumul, 35 present, four excused; Rep. Sheila Babauta, 34 present; five excused; Rep. Richard Lizama, 34 present; five excused; Rep. Tony Borja, 33 present, six excused; Rep. Joseph Leepan Guerrero, 30 present, nine excused; and Rep. Marco Peter, 22 present, 13 excused.

Peter, who won the special election following the passing of Rep. Francisco Dela Cruz, was sworn into office in March 2020.

In the Senate, which has held a total of 25 sessions, the attendance record shows Sen. Sixto Igisomar attended 23 and was excused in two; Senate Vice President Jude Hofschneider, attended 22, excused in three; Sen. Teresita Santos attended 23, excused in two; Senate Floor Leader Justo Quitugua attended 21, excused in four; Sen. Paul A. Manglona attended 21, excused in four; Sen. Frank Cruz attended 21, excused in four; and Sen. Frank Borja attended  20, excused in five.


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