Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 78: Ugly GOP for MLK Day — Give Dems a Chance!!!

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OUR GOP leaders failed again this year to even think about the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as I was looking for something in the news about Dr. King’s Holiday but NOTHING.

But you can bet our politicians won’t miss the funeral of people who were well known in the CNMI. I have even heard locals talk about the presence of politicians being more about showing up for their personal intentions for political support than actual respect and appreciation for the life of the deceased and tooo many do the same for election season when you only see you-know-who at Mass.

I found the lack of harmony and solidarity disturbing last week for MLK Day. The lack of harmony and solidarity in remembering Dr. King in the CNMI seems to have become common place ever since the Humanities stop giving a grant to promote activities on this all-important Federal Holiday day for ALL Americans! I can remember when I used to lead the Marches through Garapan on MLK Day and now I can’t even read anything about MLK Day in the news and it shouldn’t be left up to people like me but our LEADERS’ responsibility. But I know a big part of the problem is that Dr. King was a Black man and not local so go and figure what that means. There were all kinds of activities remembering Dr. King’s NATIONAL Holiday on the mainland by GOP and Democrats but there was nothing done for the public in the CNMI to honor Dr. King. FYI, Dr. King died fighting for ALL people of color which includes Chamorros and Carolinians as locals would have gone to a BLACK School with me because Locals are not white but shades of brown. I was the only one who put something in the newspaper when there should have been a frontpage story but nothing from the Government to on MLK Day to publish in the news.

But I truly appreciate the individual efforts of people like Catherine Perry of the Northern Marianas Humanities Council who did a video for MLK Day and I’m not upset at the People but at our LEADERS — the Governor and his Crew who are responsible for leading in EVERYWAY, not just when it’s to their political advantage! Not even a Press Release of any kind in observation of MLK Day! The CNMI has some of the BEST people in America but our present leadership is rotten to the core and the FBI and Kandit are proving it. Not even a ceremony of any kind by the Government on MLK DAY yet everyone got a PAID day off thanks to Dr. King — sad! I’m sure most readers will agree that the FRONT page of the news should have something on MLK Day but when our leaders can’t deliver a simple ceremony or anything on MLK Day it is easy to understand why they can’t deliver on the real complicated and challenging stuff. Not even a Government sponsored baseball game like a Legislature v Judiciary Game or any two Government entities as much as people in the CNMI like to play that sport — disappointing MLK Day in the CNMI.

There is no harmony and solidarity among our Governor and his crew when it comes to Dr. King which is also a reflection of the Governor’s GOP and the “local superiority syndrome” they suffer from that I previously wrote about. But MLK Day should be about the positive aspects of our SOCIAL Evolution as a PEOPLE and in a bipartisan fashion but instead I have to deliver this NEGATIVE message to wake our leaders up and show voters how pathetic the Governor’s leadership really is. If it was a potential for getting votes like on “Veterans Day” the Governor and his crew would have been all over MLK Day like white-on-rice but its OK as this WAS his LAST MLK Day as Governor anyway. Dr. King was fighting for locals to LIVE the American Dream TOO, which is exactly why so many of our youth can’t wait to get off their island and go where they can fulfill their American Dream. But what would their chances be like had there not been a Dr. King and Civil Rights Movement — need I really answer that. If it weren’t for Dr. King, I would truly hate to see what it would be like for the people in the CNMI if there would even be a CNMI.

Now the activities at schools prior to the actually holiday are a main-stay part of our children’s education which makes me truly proud of PSS and Teachers and glad to see they are “keeping hope alive for Dr. King’s Dream.” But the ugly disharmony and lack of solidarity in remembering Dr. King by our leaders was a genuine embarrassment for the CNMI as a member of the American Family. All the Democrat candidates for President even drop their politics and joined hands united in a march to remember Dr. King. I truly hope and pray the People will get rid of the GOP and elect the Democrats as I know the Democrat Party will not let the next Dr. King’s Holiday go unrecognized in the CNMI.

Black History Month is also right around the corner and I already know that it won’t be recognized here in the CNMI, just at the Schools, even though there is a genuine heritage of African and African-American Blood running through many locals. Some of you could actually be my distant cousin given the probability of both of our origins. But I won’t wait for someone else anymore when it comes to MLK Day and Black History Month so I hope readers will appreciate the Black History Month Calendar of Black success in America come February. I’m a TRUE and GENUINE born & bred activist for social, economic and political reforms to make the CNMI a BETTER place which is WHY I had to write this all-important editorial that I hope will be appreciated by readers ass there was no disrespect intended. The GOP has never been a Party OF and FOR the People of COLOR which is why Dr. King really doesn’t mean that much to them if at all.

Give Democrats a CHANCE!

It was Democrats who got the 1964, Civil Rights Act FOR People of Color and I think Locals need to be reminded of that fact. Democrat is the Party Of, FOR and BY the People but Republicans are a Party of THEMSELVES! I don’t really think many locals really know WHAT and WHO Republicans are and stand for which I explained in my FIRST Epitaph of the CNMI’s Democracy (1) “Democracy” on April 23, of 2019 — check it out on the web. I wrote that first because it was of the utmost importance that voters in the CNMI KNOW the difference between Republicanism and their “trickle-down economics” (helping big business first) vs the Democratic Ideal of the People FIRST which is why every minimum wage hike since the conception of minimum wage was done by Democrats. I think IPI and our Governor have both proved to the People that Republicanism is for big-businesses first and the people second. But being a teacher, I know that one must often re-teach or reemphasize something that needs to be learned by all. I was trying to convince voters in the CNMI who are People of Color that they are rooting for the WRONG Rooters because when you see a GOP rally on the mainland you only see WHITE people but when you see a Democrat event you see ALL People of Color which is why the Democrats ARE the TRUE “People’s Party.”

I KNOW the voters who are Republicans have to be ashamed of their Party and my question is are you a “forever GOP or just voted GOP.” I know there are far more who just voted GOP than the “forever ones” who represent the base. So, if you are a forever GOP, I’m not talking to you but I am talking to those who made the BIG mistake of voting Republican because you now have a chance to correct your mistake by giving the Democrats a CHANCE. I have heard the concerns of people who say they want to see new faces but as I just stated about the GOP there are also the “forever Democrats” as they are the heart and soul of the Party. What the Democrat Party needs now to HELP ALL citizens is a BODY of PEOPLE for the Democrat heart and soul to come ALIVE again literally. Rest assured, the Democrats have herd the concerns of the People and I’m sure they will be doing all they can to present you with NEW and qualified faces in the mid-term and general election. Voters just need to do their part and BLOCK OUT all the GOP whitewashing, gaslighting and LIES and just vote a straight Democrat ballot as its time for CHANGE which means voters must CHANGE too! One People One Direction for giving Democrats a Chance!!! To be continued.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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