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IN the immediate aftermath of the FBI executing the issuance of Federal Search Warrants on Governor Torres and his cohorts, the community was in shocked disbelief that such a situation would befall upon the Governor in our simple islands holding the highest office of trust and honor.

It is very questionable when Governor Torres publicly proclaimed that he had done “nothing wrong,” that he would “let the legal process take its course,” and that he is “fully cooperating with law enforcement officials.”

Claiming that he has done nothing wrong, why then would the United States Department of Justice spend thousands of dollars to fly all these agents of the FBI from off-island to initiate these costly investigations?

And, why was his cell phone confiscated? Furthermore, why would the Federal Judge, the Honorable Ramona Manglona, sign-off on the subpoenas and warrants issued if there is no probable cause that a crime has been committed? It doesn’t seem likely or even plausible.

The public announcement from the Chairman of the Republican Party was very disturbing, stating that the investigations being conducted by the FBI, of Governor Torres, was nothing more but hot air and lies. Baldly asserting that the Governor has been unfairly accused of improprieties perpetrated by the minority members of the Legislature who were desperately trying to impeach him and remove him from office.

This gaslighting, psychological mumbo-jumbo, hocus-pocus mind games designed to bewilder and befuddle the people, as in the movie “Gaslight” where the abusive and manipulative husband worked to convince his wife she was losing her mind by lowering the lights and pretending everything was normal.

The GOP Chairman’s statement implies that Governor Torres’s political detractors are concocting a misinformation campaign simply for political vindictiveness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly and unfortunately, the Republican Party Chairman will, by hiding the truth, bring down the people of the Commonwealth, and we will be forever known as corrupted.

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