Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 82: The GOP mockery of justice & more gaslighting

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I HAVE been telling readers that our Governor is following #45’s (Trump) Play Book and he continues to follow the same plays with his decision to proudly say “the U.S. Senate made the right decision to not find #45 guilty.” I have seen a lot of politics in my many years but the Impeachment of #45 and the thought that our Governor are both innocent reeks of insulting our intelligence and mocking Justice.

What got me is the Governor seems to want to give #45 ALL the credit for Kilili’s work as he actually wrote, lobbied Congress and proposed the Workforce Investment Act. WOW Governor! The Governor is not only literally stealing from us with his fraudulent purchases he even steals the credit that is due to someone else — a genuine character flaw or worse. I guess our Governor really does think we are stupid and that he can get away with anything just like #45 who said he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and get away with it. Bragging about beating our Justice System by #45 and our Governor telling the People that he is totally innocent truly insults the People’s intelligence and makes a mockery of the Judicial Branch. I’m sure most of the People truly want to see justice done for crimes that both of these Executives have committed.

#45 has been literally riding the Obama Wave of reforms that brought America out of a potential depression into an era of economic prosperity, which is something #45 conveniently forgot about trying to claim ALL the credit for America’s progress. Yes, I will be the first to say #45 did give a little push to the Economic Wave that Obama created but he is not totally responsible for the improvements in America. But our Governor hasn’t been riding any real Economic Wave even though he Gaslighted his Commonwealth Address to make voters believe he was responsible for PROGRESS but he conveniently forgot to even mention the budget deficits, which brings to mind what my wife asked me:

Dear Governor — leading by example and stop the big shamble!

My wife wanted me to ask you two things: 1. Are you and did you voluntarily take a pay cut along with everyone else in your cabinet for austerity, as your salaries are protected by law. Can you PLEASE at least TRY to lead by example and not by a shamble on others!!! 2. When are you going to collect the 35 million in Corporate Income Taxes and the 37 million in the Community Benefit Funds from IPI, and encourage IPI to HURRY UP and invest the 7 Billion they promised and please cut the 5,000 dollars allowance for the Legislature that will more than cover the FULL COST of your austerity on the PEOPLE!!! This is just a REAL REALITY CHECK, as WE the People are looking and your “whitewashing and gaslighting” theatrics really don’t fool anyone anymore, for TRUE!!!

Governor, you continue to put the burden of our economy on the WRONG People and the “numbers don’t lie” as Ed Propst said. The deficit has continued to GROW for three straight years to a total of 122 Million while you were whitewashing your administration and gaslighting the idea of PROSPERITY to the People in your Commonwealth Address just to get elected. You are truly DONE Governor and TIME is truly not on your side because every day WE the People suffer under your austerity BS means more and more voters will become “NEVER TORRES Again”!

But I would like to know Governor WHEN are you going to get a Lease on the Mariana Resort which is potentially MORE millions that can help at this point in time and will continue into the future. If the Governor won’t take back the Mariana Resort then the Legislature should if they want their jobs because IPI already have their hands full and they owe the CNMI over 50 MILLION already. Governor, it is high-time to cut-the-umbilical cord you have been nourishing to IPI and let them stand on their OWN merits by living up to EVERY DOLLAR they pledged to pay in their contract with the PEOPLE of the CNMI!!! WE (I’m not a Local but I am a Tax Payer and I’m sure I speak for literally THOUSANDS of voters) when I say WE the People WANT our Mariana RESORT BACK and WE want it NOW so WE can get a lease on it BEFORE OUR Mariana Resort falls apart!!! And just to reinforce how People feel about lowering the Lease Rate, which you are trying to do for IPI, there are literally thousands of voters who say NO to lowering the lease rate. Why didn’t you want to lower the rate and expectations for Kan Pacific so they would keep the Mariana Resort as we REALLY needed to save the Japanese Tourist Market. But now the Governor and his Crew want to lower the rate so IPI can take advantage of a lower rate. They are trying to sucker the People right-in-our-faces but they can’t whitewash nor gaslight this so the BEST thing you can do is to DO-the-RIGHT-THING and give the People BACK their Property!!!

More Whitewashing and Gaslighting

Why hasn’t the GOP controlled Legislature CHANGED the Law to let retirees double-dip again if there is truly a shortage of workers, especially professionals. Given our workforce shortage and the need to transition one would think our Government would open the doors for retirees but that sounds too much like right. They have been whitewashing the Retiree issue over and over but have never done all that was possible to help retirees who are living on a “fixed income.” The GOP just makes promises that they can’t keep and even changing the promises so they don’t keep their first promise, HELLER! This GOP has gone completely off-the-rails and I will be sooooo darn glad when we get a NEW Governor and a NEW Legislature that I don’t know what to do or say, except HURRY UP Feds & mid-terms!!!

It is sooooo sad that the Governor and his GOP Crew will give IPI all kinds of breaks like no taxes at first followed by a slew of extensions with no penalties and what Angel Demapan and his GOP Crew did with P.L. 20-10 that removed the retirees’ 25 percent from the list of the recipients of the $15 million annual casino license fee was literally a STAB-IN-THE-BACK to Retirees. It’s time to vote all Democrat Retirees and at least give them a chance because the Governor and his GOP Crew have been literally making a complete mockery of our Government, retirees and ALL the People, for TRUE!

Sen. Paul A. Manglona and House Minority Leader Edwin Propst were RIGHT about how retirees are being betrayed. NOW, the Senator and Representative only need to join the Democrat Party so they can have real POWER to DO SOMETHING about it like — IMPEACH the Governor!!! WE the People truly need some REAL CNMI Sheroes/Heroes who will step out on faith for what is right to put the CNMI and our Government FIRST over their personal fear of not being elected. If you are truly standing FOR the People and Fighting FOR the People you won’t have to worry in this election because it will be a “cake-walk” to beat the GOP this time around if Independents will join the Democrats and you don’t need to be a Political Scientist to know this political FACT! We don’t have that many voters who are just followers of the GOP and “FOREVER GOP” anymore because many voters are now wide-awake after the FBI Raids and Kandit’s reporting and they are quietly saying “NEVER TORRES & GOP” as voters can tell what is whitewashing & gaslighting from the TRUTH!!! To be continued: One People One Direction for a New Governor and New Legislature — vote Democrat!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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