Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 83: Love conquers all & Unto Caesar

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I HAD the pleasure of visiting a Southern Baptist Church recently on the mainland and the sermon was entitled “Love Conquers ALL” and I guess you can tell it really gave rise to my thinking.

LOVE is one of the most powerful emotions that WE process as humans as it will give rise to extraordinary things happening both Good and Bad!!! The question was posed to us beginning in year 1AD with the birth and life of you-know-who as his message to the world was one of LOVE! There are those who LOVE to do wrong and those who LOVE to do right that fuels the neverending battles between Good and Evil.

Needless to say, WE the People of the CNMI need something to overcome all the corruption and evil whitewashing & gaslighting that we are being forced to hear and look in the face. It is not a pretty site and even a monumental site in the annals of American/CNMI History for a Governor to be accused of being the “Godfather of a Criminal Organization” literally. I know there are many who out right hate the Governor now but we shouldn’t hate the person just their deeds as none of us are perfect and without sin. WE should still LOVE the Governor and his Crew and even pray for them. Good will always win out in the end which is why I can still greet all of the GOP Crew with respect in public because TRUE LOVE is TRULY UNCONDITIONAL!

But WE shouldn’t let LOVE keep us from doing our job just as parents who punish their children when they do something wrong whom they LOVE. In my culture we call it “TOUGH LOVE” and indeed that is what is needed for the GOP to learn the lessons of being a Government OF the People who works FOR the People and not IPI or they will never be elected again BY the People! Voters have to really take a step back from the GOP who have literally gone awry and totally off-course to find real prosperity for the People of the CNMI. It is time to CHANGE the Captain and Crew of our Commonwealth and it will take some real TOUGH LOVE from the majority of voters who truly LOVE our CNMI more than the GOP. Figuratively, We the People have passed the isles of Politics and are now in the choppy icy and treacherous waters of crime and corruption that demands new leadership with a new course to find prosperity. Our Governor and Crew spread our Economy entirely tooooo thin deleting the Japanese Tourist Market and put most of our eggs in the IPI basket and now we are seeing the real dangers of putting soooo much dependency upon China — GREED is truly a deadly sin but WE the People are the ones who really pay the price.

If one truly LOVES the CNMI FIRST when it comes to Politics our Government and our quality of life will be MUCH BETTER off. But there is just tooooo much back-sliding when it comes to our Politics as voters want to be on the winning side more than voting for the RIGHT side and that is because tooo many voters are just overlooking the many failures of the GOP. The only thing that has really gotten better in the past 22 years of the GOP rule are the streets and infrastructure because the quality of life is still the SAME and for many it has gotten even worse which is why we continue to see a constant migration to the mainland!!! The GOP has proven they don’t really LOVE us just our votes as WE the People can now see they LOVE IPI more than the People they serve from all the breaks IPI has gotten and they even GAVE them the Mariana Resort without a Lease — that’s love for IPI not the People.

Heck, WE the People thought the Casino was going to save us but instead it has been MORE about GOP saving IPI than preventing the People from experiencing hard times as IPI owes more than enough to avoid the strenuous austerity measures the Governor wants to impose. LOVE is supposed to be a reciprocal phenomenon but it is only flowing one-way in the CNMI from our Governor and Legislature straight to IPI. It is truly time for some TOUGH LOVE voters because when there is true love for the CNMI and Governor and Crew are wrong but don’t want to do right — tough love will find a way to correct errors and OUR plight just like those spankings of LOVE did for most of us.

Those keeping abreast of what is happening on the mainland have just witnessed some of America’s TOP officials in the State Department testifying against #45 because of their LOVE for our nation outweighed the potential of losing their job. I hope and even pray that our Independents will take note and become REAL Patriots and stop the foolishness of just wanting to get elected even though you will be POWERLESS as an Independent and think about the BIG Picture of the CNMI FIRST! WE the People need some REAL LOVE from the Independents that is for the CNMI as it is virtually common knowledge now that as Independents you will remain powerless but if you join the Democrats there is a very high probability of you becoming the face of the Democrat Party & Leaders and the Majority in the Legislature. You don’t have to be a Political Scientist to know these facts. If Independents truly LOVE the CNMI over their personal intentions they will take the “leap of faith” FOR the People and join the “People’s Party” to be joyfully elected BY the People — for TRUE.

LOVE will conquer all but you have to give REAL LOVE a chance because one does not stand by and watch evil being portrayed on our Commonwealth and not do anything, as evil can only prevail when good people stand by and do nothing. The LOVE for the CNMI is what matters MOST now and if it takes some TOUGH LOVE to get things back in order then that is the order of the day for voting. I think most readers will agree that our Governor and his Crew are long over-due for some tough love as they truly need to learn the lesson that our Government is OF, FOR and BY the People, not IPI! LOVE can conquers all and it’s our job to show real TOUGH LOVE for our Commonwealth!

Rendering unto Caesar

I do want readers to know that I am not hating on our Governor and his GOP Crew as they are my brothers and sisters in the faith of our religion. In fact, there are some members of the GOP who I think are great People but I emphatically hate what they are doing with this GOP v the Minority. Bipartisanship and placing a check on the Governor has gone out the window and into the trash. So I’m doing what JC told us to do which is to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s”. I am just doing a LOT of rendering the TRUTH about their BS unto Caesar (the Governor & GOP) which is their BIG MESS and I’m just holding our leaders accountable. They are ALL FREE GAME as elected officials and being put under a microscope just comes with the job. I can’t help it that FBI and Kandit have exposed and put the lights on the ugly pictures of their wrong doing and I certainly can’t write about something ugly and make it sound nice.

I am also asking voters to render unto Caesar what Caesar’s has sowed as we are also taught that one will often “reap what they sow.” The Governor and his GOP Crew have been literally sowing whitewashing and gaslighting to the People on issues in an attempt to confuse and mislead people. They were successful in the past but it is now time for voters to visit upon them the EVIL’s of their doings by voting them OUT! IF WE the People don’t send a strong message that we will not stand for a corrupt Governor and a Legislature that will also misuse our money while protecting the Governor then WE the People will be negligent as the true OWNERS of our Government if we fail to vote them out starting in the mid-term elections — for TRUE. To be continued: One People One Direction for a NEW Government on a NEW COURSE to find real prosperity for all!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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