Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 84: This bell tolls for thee Mr. Speaker, Minority & AG

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JOHN Donne’s quote of “for whom the bell toll, as the bell tolls for thee” is synonymous with what is facing the Governor and the People as the bell tolls for THEE — yes the Governor and the People.

Kandit released some MORE alleged illegal purchases by the Governor last week and as of me sending this to the editor the Legislature has yet to make any kind of decision on the Governor’s illegal purchases. There were also many other illegal purchases the Governor could NEVER justify unless he was being judged by a Kangaroo Court literally!!! My God, how many cameras does the Governor have to purchase for the Speaker and his Crew to realize THE GIG IS UP on protecting the Governor and realize they MUST act on the Governor’s illegal purchases which are IMPEACHABLE offenses by the way!!! I guess the Governor’s GOP Crew wants to just let the FBI do the job of the Legislature FOR the People which is sad when it is their FIRST fiduciary duty to provide “checks & balances” on the Executive! The bell is tolling for the PEOPLE to do something about our Legislature as we can no longer depend on them for any form of accountability to us-regular- folks-in-the-cheap-seats.

The Bell is tolling for every stakeholder in the CNMI to do what is necessary and proper to preserve the integrity and character of our Commonwealth that has been given the biggest black-eye since the conception of the CNMI. The FBI raids and RICO Investigation are one thing that is totally separate from all the fraudulent air travel and purchases which is something the Legislature said they would do weeks ago. Well unless I missed something while I was on the mainland narrowing escaping Beijing trying to get back, the Legislature hasn’t done a darn thing and more receipts continue to surface. These are serious CNMI issues of misuse of OUR MONEY that are even punishable with jail time. This stalling and cover-up by the Speaker and his Crew is starting to stink awfully bad with maggots figuratively crawling on People’s thoughts and I’m not going to let them forget it either.

How long does it really take to see if the documents are real and to ask the Governor for an explanation of EVERY suspicious purchase and the first class & business class tickets as that is a very simple process but WE are being treated like we are stupid with this FOREVER investigation that should only take a week or two. IF the Speaker was really doing his job he would up-date his counterparts in the Legislature and the People on the process but not so much as a single word. I hope he wasn’t thinking that the announcement by the GOP President and the Governor that he was innocent of all the allegations of misuse of Government funds as being acceptable and that he can just put the House Investigation on the back-burner given the Independents can’t force the issue. The bell is starting to toll for House GOP members and just like in most criminal cases, the one who breaks rank and comes forth first is the one who will get the deal (a stay in office) because those who keep following the Speaker are figuratively in the execution line like livestock.

This bell is tolling for YOU Mr. Speaker as the buck stops at your desk in the House and I’m going to turn the heat up as high as I can on YOU now! WHY did you literally FORCE your fellow GOP Crew to sign letters that actually violate the Open Government Act? WHY are you stalling with investigating the Governor Mr. Speaker? WHY has there been absolutely NO Oversight on our budget & collection of overdue revenues from IPI? WHY, Mr. Speaker are you not being a responsible leader as YOU are the one responsible for holding OUR purse and the use of OUR MONEY? You will be the very FIRST to fall in the wake of the Governor’s misuse of OUR MONEY as YOU and your GOP Crew are culprits in the misuse of OUR MONEY! Trying to hide the TRUTH from the PEOPLE was the worst thing you could have done so guess what — this will haunt you for the rest of your political career, which may be very SHORT because this bell is tolling for thee. If you fail to hear this bell and act accordingly just remember. I TOLD YOU SO Mr. Speaker.

This bell continues to toll for the Independents too, as the People are wide awake from all kinds of alarm bells going off in our Government! I am not going to give up on Independents until they tell me to my face they are not going to join the Democrat Party. What “political play” do you Independents think the Governor would hate to see the most? If you don’t know I’ll tell you, the very LAST thing the Governor and his GOP crew want to see is the Independents joining with the Democrats. The Governor and his Crew KNOW and so do most voters know that with the Independents joining the Democrats it will surely signal the demise of the Republican Party. There are soooooo MANY voters who are hoping and praying and just waiting to see if the Independents will answer the bell that is truly tolling LOUD and CLEAR for THEE!!

There is even an expression in boxing that real champions “answer the bell” every time it rings. Well, we need some real champions to answer the bell in the CNMI Political Arena. Stop worrying about the old image of the Democrat Party because if Independents join THEY will be the NEW FACE of the Party and more. I have been ringing and ringing this bell for Independents and this is my last Epitaph devoted to ringing the bell for Independents. If they don’t get it by now then WE the People are in even MORE trouble than I thought and I will tell you WHY once the Independents make a decision which I hope will be sooner than later.

Finally, and with sincere regret, I must ring the bell for a NEW AG as I have been ringing and ringing for the AG to do or say something about the Governor’s misuse of OUR money. I take no pleasure in this but when us regular folks do something wrong too often the Police & AG are all over us for misdemeanor stuff. I’m not saying our AG isn’t fair, just that he isn’t doing his job when it comes to the Governor and the Legislature. If his job was easy we could have elected anyone but now we have a Governor who has been clearly exposed for numerous alleged CRIMES and not even a word — it’s so sad I don’t have respectable words and that’s saying a lot for me. I am extremely disappointed with our AG and I’m sure that I’m not alone. I know there are a lot of potential candidates to be our AG and I strongly encourage you to carpe diem given the facts. But this is what happens when people run for office unopposed and there is no Democratic Process, as they start to think you-know-what about themselves and WE the People get NOTHING when WE really need it from them the MOST!!!

All those elected officials who are somehow involved in or have a duty to the People regarding the Governor & the Legislature’s misuse of OUR MONEY need to know the bell is tolling for YOU! The bell is surely tolling for all the GOP and the AG as WE the People have seen ENOUGH but we are not hearing ANYTHING from the elected people who need to be saying SOMETHING. WE the People want answers NOW about the alleged CNMI crimes of the Governor as stringing the People along is ONLY going to make it WORSE on you just like those spankings when you lied or did something wrong to cover up a previous lie or wrong! Its best to answer the bell now BEFORE the tolling stop and its silence in the voting booth. To be continued: One People One Direction for voting out-of-office those who failed to answer the bell!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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