Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 85: In a state of nature under tyranny

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THIS Epitaph is dedicated to the Founders of America on this Presidents’ Day and the People of the CNMI!

FYI readers if you didn’t know, the founders of America wrote 85 Federalist Papers on WHAT our Government will be like and HOW our Government should be run and to a large degree that is what I have been doing when I write how something SHOULD BE! Yes, the founders and myself were only writing opinions but toooo often opinions are RIGHT, especially when the opinions are based on sound philosophical reasoning and facts. However, many people don’t really follow the advice of others, as not even the Priest is not able to tell some people what to do and not to do, for TRUE! But in a state of nature EVERYONE is equally capable of leading solutions but that isn’t true in the CNMI, because if you are not local or you-know-who doesn’t like you or if you-know-who can’t benefit from it then FORGET IT regardless of the merits and how beneficial it is to the CNMI! We just witnessed half of the U.S. Senate going against real convicting evidence and the opinion of our founders to acquit #45. Local voters have been going against my opinions for years and in both cases turning a blind eye to the right opinion(s) has only got the CNMI — NOTHING and a lot of I TOLD YOU SOs form me as time is always on the side of good & the truth!

This was supposed to have been my final Epitaph as #85 like the Federalist Papers from which I got the idea but our Democracy is still in the grave and I’m won’t give up until it is resurrected or I’m in the grave with it. So, it seems these Epitaphs will at least go on until the mid-terms and possibly until the general election when the People replaces the GOP Executive, whoever it will be given Gov. Torres may be at the Fed Hilton by then. WE the People really have no choice but to elect NEW Democrat Party Candidates and Executive that will surely be proof that WE the People will have better government from the resurrection our dead Democracy. Voters must play their role in the extraordinary goal of “raising and giving life to our DEAD Democracy”!

Our founders followed the wisdom of Thomas Hobbes who gave us the idea of “living in a state of nature” to establish our rules for living as a society and John Lock added to the ideology that WE the People must CONSENT to be governed with a majority rule and that the People will always have the POWER to CHANGE the Government. Do I really need to tell voters what we have to do given these were the guiding principles along with the determination to not have any more kings (or Godfathers) in the creation of our of Government. WE the People are still living in that state of nature as nature NEVER changes but WE are always challenged with making sure the People we consent to Govern over us will do the right thing which is why checks & balances were instituted into our Federal System. But when these checks and balances don’t work WE the People don’t have a tight grip on OUR Government & Leaders so our lives will surely run awry! Our Governor and his GOP Crew combined with today’s strenuous austerity while IPI owes over 50 million is PROOF that WE the People have lost control of OUR Government. To this VERY day the Governor hasn’t said a word about collecting from IPI — HELLER voters! There are no more kings but due to the ability of humans to be CORRUPTED our Leaders have to be disciplined just like your parents did to you or the corruption and everything that goes with it will just continue. The only way to discipline the Governor and his GOP Crew is to vote ALL of them OUT to send the message that WE the People own the Government and with a ZERO Tolerance for corruption.

Well, for years and I do mean years all we hear all the time is the people on our Capital Hill are CORRUPT but we continue to elect the SAME GOP Crew with a few new faces each time. Heck, some even changed their faces just to save their necks from Republican to Independent Republican back to Republican. But what voters didn’t get was they were still Republicans and voters never gave a Democrat a FAIR chance — so a lot of our failure to have a good government is also on voters for sticking with Republicans. Albert Einstein, a true genius, once said: “you can’t fix a problem (of corruption) with the same mentality that caused the problem” and he was RIGHT but that is exactly what WE the People have been doing by electing MORE GOP to fix the problems and mistakes of the PREVIOUS GOP — duh and HELLER VOTERS!!!! WE the People need to WAKE-UP because WE must CHANGE if we truly want a better CNMI and a better quality of life!!! The days of cheering and voting for the biggest rooter are OVER as it’s the one that can balance the NATURE of our Politics which is the most IMPORTANT one(s) to elect.

The tyranny of the majority rule

I am in full agreement with the Honorable Jose S. Dela Cruz on his opinion of the “tyranny of the majority.” I couldn’t help but to follow his lead because he is so right about “when the majority fails to realize that all elected leaders are sworn to serve all of the people — both majority and minority; then the tyranny of the majority will rear its ugly head and our democratic system of government will suffer. We should never allow this to happen.” WE the People are now seeing the real ugly head of majority tyranny in our Government and I don’t think anyone with an objective mind can say it’s pretty. There was nothing and no one with the POWER to stop this ugly monster of corruption that has clearly spread from the Governor’s office into OUR Legislature as they even have the NERVE now to tell who hired them that they are not going to tell us what they did with OUR MONEY! They are going to hear this many times again as I feel so sorry for the Speaker and his GOP Crew because one by one they are all being exposed. The GOP is going to get a Political Spanking like never before as they just might ALL be DONE except for the BRAVE Patriots who will step forward and put the People and the CNMI before their allegiance to Party and the Governor. So, save yourself now because come the mid-term it will be too late! Absolute power corrupts and the absolute majority in the Legislature surely led to ABSOLUTE corruption of our Governor and the Legislature, which should be the lesson taught by voters and learned by the GOP, for TRUE!

In a state of nature, the people of a society would NEVER live under tyranny and let a leader and his crew get away with what we see our Governor and Legislature are doing and even failing to do! The only question is “when evil is being perpetrated upon the people, WHAT will the good men/women do to stop it”? We are still living in that state of nature that our founders described just a bit more complicated but the basics are still the same: our Government is still OF, FOR and BY the People. WE will see what the People want come the mid-term election because many have had to literally bite their lip and hold their tong but can’t WAIT to get into the voting booth to release all that anger by voting a straight Democrat ticket.

Yes, I know there are those who are still saying the Democrats need to get their act together, well, believe it or not the Democrats have gotten their act together with their reorganization meeting. I know for a fact they are working hard to deliver a full slate of candidates FOR the People. So, the real question is “have the PEOPLE gotten their act together” to avoid putting any more GOP in office for the time being. We must revert back to our state of nature and teach the GOP a lesson just like our parents did us as it is in the very nature of parents to discipline and WE the People must send the message that WE will no longer tolerate corruption and that OUR Government belongs to the PEOPLE, not the Governor & IPI. To be continued: One People One Direction for a more RESPOSIBLE MAJORITY — Democrats!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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