Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 86: I have a dream CNMI

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THE prophetic words of Dr. King that we should all aspire to fulfill as he dreamed for the future of our nation and ALL People of Color being equal to whites, so it wasn’t just for Blacks but Locals too when he said: “I Have A Dream.”

There has been a conscious and even a subliminal quest ever-since by many to aspire to fulfilling that dream of Dr. King, I just happen to be one of a small handful in the CNMI. I have been DREAMING of a better CNMI ever-since the early 1990s when I first started writing about issues facing the CNMI just trying to help and make a difference. Needless to say most of my efforts end up being the many I Told You So that time proved me to be right in the end. I have made soooo may warnings and pleas that range from the warnings five years in advance about the demise of the Garment Industry — they didn’t listen, to the Vote NO for the Casino — they didn’t listen to me nor the Bishop which is why we are catching so much HELL with this casino but more recently the illegal use of OUR money by the Governor — they didn’t listen but the Feds and Kanit proved me right again and it’s all because I continue to DREAM of HOW the CNMI can be a better place for EVERYONE to live EQUALLY.

I have been offering ideas for years on a plethora of things that would help the CNMI because I have been DREAMING and thinking about the CNMI and not spewing words from smoking pot like my critics will try to say I’m tripping and not dreaming. But I think my record of being right will prove that I was truly looking over the horizon and was dead right about most of the times. Given I have passed the 85th Epitaph I thought it was only proper and fitting to change the focus of politics to WHAT the CNMI should look like in the future and HOW it can be done. I have done a lot of DREAMING about the CNMI and maybe more than many Locals. But the real question is WHAT leader(s) have EVER offered a real DREAM for a better future of the CNMI beyond the fools-gold of a Chinese Casino and MORE Gambling?

The American Dream is one of the most noted dreams of millions as they dream of being successful and often pursue their dreams to fruition. It is the POWER of the American Dream that truly makes America the greatest nation on planet earth when it comes to “social mobility” and moving UP in one’s quality of life. But to dream about anything in the CNMI is almost an ugly sad joke for most of us and its mainly because our GOP Government has FAILED us miserably. Nothing is in place to do ANYTHING that will offer MORE opportunities for real careers and workforce success as most jobs in the CNMI are DEAD END jobs. There is nothing in place to guarantee a BETTER quality of life and please don’t even think about the casino.

It should be clear our Governor and GOP have NEVER really DREAMED FOR the People of the CNMI, as their only objective for two decades has been to introduce one form of gambling to another. The sad part is entirely tooo many of the Local People are caught in the addiction net of gambling and to this day the Government has NEVER implemented a Systemic Program to help the Local People. If anything the GOP has given ALL of us NIGHTMARS from all the “emergencies & austerities” over the past 22 years as the only thing that was really done for the People was the “tip” we got to pay our power bill when our leaders sold us out to Best Sunshine who has packed up and left us with IPI and their bunch of subsidiaries.

I would like to believe that many voters do have some form of hope if not a dream for the CNMI to really become the primary tourist destination for our Region of Micronesia. Presently we are “top-heavy” dependent upon China but all of our Tourist Sites are Japanese & Korean, which PROVES GOP leaders weren’t even THINKING much less dreaming. There was absolutely NO critical and analytical thinking being done for us to end up with a Chinese Casino! I’m sure the People of the CNMI and Tourists would like to see MORE Attractions for tourists in the CNMI beyond historical sites. But our GOP can’t bring or create attractions because they are too busy helping IPI take advantage of our inability to hold them accountable to their contract. Heck, the Governor created a Development Team and they were asking us for “ideas or dreams” to improve the CNMI and the only thing they came up with was tearing up the Paseo de Marianas street and returning it too the original street– no step forward and two steps backwards in Garapan Tourism. Why can’t they just put a roof over the darn thing so it can be a REAL Mall and property owners need to HELP by lowering the rent to a “reasonable amount” and stop being so GREEDY! It is always better to get SOME money than NO money.

The challenge in the CNMI is for our leaders to become real DREAMERS with new ideas and means for ALL of us to find prosperity. One of the problems is our GOP seems to think they can make it better for Locals only when the reality is I have continued to remind them of the fact that “WE will all find prosperity together or continue to flounder in the rough treacherous seas of racism and bigotry.” The GOP only promotes GOP things from within their Party making the dreams of the People null-and-void even though good ideas and strategies are offered all the time by many opinion writers who can actually join me in saying “I TOLD YOU SO.” The CONSERVATIVE minds of the GOP will NEVER be OPEN and OBJECTIVE enough to outdo the LIBERAL CREATIVE minds of Democrats when it comes to taking society FORWARD and on course for a better society and a better quality of life as Democrats are TRUE DREAMERS — and their records here and on the mainland will prove this FACT!

I have dreamed of the CNMI having a good healthy two-party Government with an economy that is flourishing. I have written about and actually envisioned “a Theme Park”, Ferries from Saipan to Tinian and from Rota to Guam as Rota is really the FRONT DOOR to the CNMI with its close proximity to Guam, which is the major Ports of entry (air & sea) into the CNMI. I dreamed of a Public Service Program that will virtually give EVERY High School grad the opportunity to have a guaranteed job in the CNMI when they graduate. I have dreamed of Local People being bigger players in our tourism industry as guides, providers of souvenirs, entrepreneurs in the Cannabis & Hemp Industries that will revitalize “good manufacturing jobs” for locals and a variety of businesses. I have even dreamed of all people in the CNMI being treated equally ONE DAY with the hope of everyone being able to pursue their American Dream of prosperity.

Dr. King taught us the Media is our friend not China!

I mentioned this before but circumstances make it necessary and proper to reiterate what I can clearly remember the night before Dr. King was killed when he told us “the media is our friend.” For those of you who have yet to connect with Kandit News, I strongly advise you do so immediately as the founders of America stated in the Federalist Papers in so many words that “our nation only needs two keys to the doors of good government which are INFORMED & ACTIVE CITIZENS! If you are not informed as a voter you are really just a follower who has literally given-away our Government without even knowing it. One must be informed to make informed decisions and yet entirely toooo many of the CNMI voters are still not fully informed about the crisis WE the People are facing. Heck, I even heard that some Carolinians actually believe the Governor is going to be found innocent because he hired an ex-FBI agent. This foolishness in the result of the whitewashing and gaslighting being done by our Governor and his Crew in the Legislature.

If it were not for Kandit News, WE the People might very well still be in the DARK about a lot of the illegal things that have transpired with our Governor and members of the Legislature. Kandit News media has exposed soooo much it almost unbelievable even though many of us had that gut feeling anyway about our Governor ever since the PROSPERITY LIE that WE the People will NEVER forget and I’m so glad the Governor can’t whitewash that one anymore! Thanks to the media exposing things the entire world is a better place so I encourage MORE people to USE the media to express YOUR Dream for the CNMI and to help in holding our leaders ACCOUNTABLE to YOU and the rest of us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats. Like my son would say, RIGHT-ON to the REAL good and righteous people and to HELL with the fakers (the GOP). To be continued: One People One Direction and don’t stop dreaming because DREAMS can and do come TRUE!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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