Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 88: bystanders & players in our democracy!

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THIS Epitaph was really inspired by Former President Obama in his speech to University of Illinois students.

We can basically group ALL people into two categories when it comes to politics and they are the People who get out there and MAKE things happen and the People who just sit back and WATCH things happening in our Political Arena. I have a feeling that WE the People of the CNMI have entirely too many who are just watching things but not really doing a lot of anything to make things happen. For sure the GOP has clearly processed the most Doers but a big part of that has been the MONEY they have been throwing around (the Dirty-30) while the Democrats have been operating with far fewer dollars. But if the FBI raids and ALL the illegal doings of our Governor and Legislature haven’t CHANGED the minds and hearts of most of those doers for the GOP to start doing for the Democrats then WE the People still have a real problem as the true owners of our Government. If the majority of owners are still OK with all the corruption and illegal behavior in the mid-term elections then our Democracy will truly have died and We will have given birth to an Autocracy (Dictatorship or Monocracy) ruled solely by the GOP. We need all NEW & Independent Candidates on Deck as Players for the Democrats, not bystanders.

One of the prime examples set by George Washington and our founding fathers was the fact that there should NEVER be a “permanent ruling class” in the Political Arena of America and especially in these small islands of our Commonwealth that are even more fragile and susceptible to falling PREY by crooked politicians and crooked big business — our founders actually KNEW over two-hundred years ago what We could and are facing here in the CNMI today. The Republicans have been the ruling class for entirely tooooo many years which is why they are now just taking us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats for granted and literally doing whatever they want including being BOLD in refusing to tell us what they did with OUR MONEY and a Governor telling us ALL the FBI and misuse of OUR MONEY allegations against him are false! Are the majority of voters in the CNMI just going to be followers of the GOP and bystanders to history or will they VOTE to MAKE a BETTER History for the CNMI!

Gov. Ralph Torres, his corruption and the corrupt Legislature is just a symptom of the TRUE CAUSE which was voters being followers and just bystanders of the GOP when WE the People need DOers and Players who will hold the GOP accountable. It shouldn’t have mattered that the Democrats only offered a few candidates in the last election, the point in-hind-sight should be clear now that WE the People should have elected the entire Democrat slate because WE the People and our Commonwealth might very well not be in such bad shape economically and politically with a Governor being accused of heading a real criminal organization. The GOP clearly violated our Public Trust by forcing the casino upon us but WE the People (the majority) still kept voting them in like they were saints. Are the majority of voters in the CNMI going to continue to be bystanders and GOP followers in creating ugly and bad CNMI History or will voters STAND-UP and be counted for a BETTER CNMI’s History as the ones who DO the electing as the MAJOR Players in our Democracy or will voters revert back to the same old foolishness that got us into the mess we are in?

You don’t have to be a Democrat to want to restore “the rule of law and accountability” within our Government. We the People don’t need a corrupt Governor and AG who is driven to PROTECT the Governor instead of holding the Governor accountable. HOW HARD CAN IT BE for the Legislature and AG to say “the Governor broke the Laws,” as it’s not that hard if you are not a follower and/or a bystander! Readers can bet there are still a lot of people who actually still think our Governor is doing a good job and that he is totally innocent of EVERYTHING and we can only pray for their vails to be lifted so they can finally see the error of their ways in following the GOP unconditionally like it’s the true love you have for your mate or spouse. It’s OK to still love our brothers and sisters in the GOP but that doesn’t mean WE the People have to be FOOLISH and continue to TRUST them — so show them some tough love and vote them OUT if you are a true PLAYER in OUR Democracy, not IPI’s!!!

Due to a powerless Independent group, We the People have literally been bystanders going from one form of hell to another for the past 22 years and especially ever-since Governor Torres took over illegally without holding an election after the death of Governor Inos. Given our AG has yet to weigh in on the Governor’s misuse of OUR MONEY it is easy to connect the dots to Governor Torres’ take-over now because an election should have been declared “necessary & proper” by the AG but instead he let the Governor just do what he wanted to do which was NOTHING to give the People a chance to decide. This should really be his LAST term in office anyway which is all the more reason WHY voters need to make sure the entire GOP Crew are GONE!!! It is time for the GOP and all future leaders to be worried about VOTERS as the real Players they have to worry about given they could care less about Independents and the only way to do this is to send a MESSAGE by voting them out!!!

Some may think the Democrats are running against the GOP but in reality, they are running FOR the People and things like improving our economy and to improve our Government’s outcomes! Voters are the ONLY real antidote to a corrupt Governor and Legislature but if the majority of voters refuse to offer any kind of cure (the election of Democrat Candidates to office) then we know what to continue to expecting and what we will get, more corruption and economic chaos. But if you are truly concerned about the corruption and the gambling economic plans of the GOP then become a real PLAYER and VOTE to bring it to an end — it’s really that simple!

I know there is great concern with a lot of anticipation to see who will be Democrats and what the Democrats have planned to turn things around for the CNMI. But it should be understood that no one ever puts the cart before the horse and right now I’m confident the Democrat Party is working hard to make sure they have the right horse(s) to pull the cart (the CNMI). The direction for the CNMI will for sure be a collaborative decision and not just something thrown together by one or two that will sound nice but something that is really DOABLE based on sound and even concrete measures to assure success. I also know the GOP wants to know who and what the Democrats are up to so they can begin to counter which is another reason why the Democrats should follow the ideal of “no wine before it’s time” as election season is still on the horizon that we haven’t reached yet. One tendency of people is to put the earnest on others to produce/perform but if you are truly a PLAYER (an active citizen) with ideas then it is your DUTY to contact the Democrat Party to share your concerns and ideas. It’s the “People’s Party” and your concerns will not end up in the trash like we have seen with the GOP for YEARS!

These Epitaphs and my pleas to give the Democrats a CHANCE is about CHANGING the COURSE of the CNMI FOR better government with a better economy that will yield a better quality of life FOR the People. If you are not for these PROGRESSIVE IDEAS for improving the CNMI then maybe you should move to mainland or somewhere else because if the majority still wants a GOP controlled government then ALL of us will be better off on the mainland with the thousand who have left under the GOP for BETTER live — for TRUE! Kandit has ALREADY proved our Governor and members of the Legislature being GUILTY in the “misuse of government funds” and the FBI haven’t even gotten started with their CASES that we know will at least be prosecuted given the high-profile of the Governor, which is a case they don’t make mistakes on. But we do have voters in the Trump & GOP camps who will deny all the evidence and even accuse the FBI of being wrong to charge the Governor.

But regardless of the outcomes on the prosecution of the many crimes we have been pre-exposed to prior to a real investigation by Local officials and the trial by the FBI, WE the People must prepare for the mid-term elections. For sure, convictions will help to convince even more that WE need to change our government but that is a long and steep climb that will be treacherous in changing the minds of so many. But I would like to believe like we did in the Civil Rights Movement that “WE SHALL OVERCOME” the tyranny that the majority of voters have “self-imposed” on the CNMI by continuing to vote in an all-powerful GOP. WE must stop being bystanders and followers of the GOP just because they are the biggest rooter and VOTE for Democrats to prove that WE the People are the real Players in our Political Arena, not IPI! To be continued: One People One Direction!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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