Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 89: The evils of government & people!

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THE founders of America wrote extensively in the Federalist Papers about the “necessary evils of being governed” and “the necessary evils of living in a governed society”.

In fact, they said that the Government itself was a necessary evil in order for a civilized society to live together because without a government life in our society would be absolute chaos. Democrats and Republicans are both subject to do WRONG and even evil as humans which is why they built checks & balances into our Federal System. But when those checks & balances don’t work under a Government that is COMPLETELY controlled by one party it highlights the basic question for all voters will always ask themselves which is “who is the LESSER of the two evils Democrats or Republicans.” It’s really that simple! The advantage that WE the People have is that the Democrats haven’t been given a chance to even be evil in over two decades and hopefully they have LEARNED to be BETTER while we can see the absolute power of the GOP has become absolutely EVIL.

I have been promoting the Democrat Party for CHANGE in the CNMI because the GOP has clearly proven they have jumped into the pit of evil with this casino and gambling (now its internet and more Poker Machines in villages) among other things they have done and failed to do. I’m not saying the Democrats will be perfect but for sure, they are the lesser of the two evils to be over our Political System and we never have to worry about Independents being corrupt because they are always POWERLESS to do anything! Governments have killed millions all in the name of “governing over people.” EVIL. Heck, just think about the Civil War and how many died because of “governing over people and making them all equal.” There was a lot of EVIL in America then and many died because of it and that is just one example. I don’t even need to mention the many EVILS of the GOP in the CNMI over the past two decades of their rule given the years of letters to the editor about the corruption in our GOP government. The recent FBI raids and Kandit have only served to verify our already beliefs of evil corruption we just didn’t know how MUCH EVIL we have on Capital Hill. Heck the Speaker of the House who is the holder of our purse, openly defies the RIGHT of his BOSSES and refuses to let the People know what HE and others did with OUR MONEY! The Speaker should be right in line behind the Governor for being replaced as he is the LEADER of the EVIL in the Lower House!

But I would like readers to just pause for a second and think of ALL the EVIL this GOP has been doing over the years as there has been a continuous chain of letters to the editor about the corruption in our Government over the years. I know some readers must have their special event of EVIL perpetrated by our Government that they can never forget and have to laugh at how bad it was just to keep from getting mad and even crying. TOOOO many times the People have been mistreated, especially our “first responders” whom WE the People depend upon the MOST when we need help the MOST but GOP Elite (the Governor’s Cabinet) get EXTRA ILLEGAL Pay FIRST! It’s really a horror story as to how WE the People have been LIED to with EVIL intentions and the sad part is tooooo many voters continued to vote for EVIL (the GOP) so no one should be wondering why we are suffering. It is not just an accident that China is causing us to become isolated economically as our GOP asked FOR the People and got China to be our NEW Economic base! Well, I told readers what our late Bishop told me when he asked me to help him with the “No to Casino Vote” as he said: “Ambrose, these people really don’t know what they are asking for with this casino” - now we see what we were asking for, a taste of HELL from China!!!

The EVIL in the GOP is easily recognizable on the mainland with the Party composed of the KKK and ALL the Racist White Supremacy Groups who are the leading Domestic Terrorists now in America and the Party is virtually an all-white voting population. I wonder HOW in the world any Blacks and the BROWN Chamorros & Carolinians can even support the GOP, on the mainland. Do they know they are in bed with PURE EVIL! But our GOP is really no different and when you walk in the door of the Legislature you will know it as FOX News, the Republican Party Network, is always being shown on the screen. It’s been exposed about our GOP’s selfishness filling their pockets and getting jobs for their family, stealing our money with illegal use of OUR MONEY and promoting the prejudice ideal of “only locals leading in the CNMI” and other EVIL things like “gambling” which is the only thing they can think of to make money. In fact, the GOP is mainly responsible for promoting the “racism laws” that SEGREGATE Locals from other Americans today in the CNMI and too many locals have bought into this “political racism” following evil leadership. It is enough for our leaders in Government to become banner carriers of EVIL but it can be catastrophic when the majority of PEOPLE join-in to support an EVIL Government. It has clearly been proven in the news that our Governor and his Crew in the Legislature have become corrupted with EVIL agendas and it’s up to the GOOD Women/Men voters to stop this EVIL or it will just continue flourish. Vote Democrat in the mid-term and the next general election if you truly want the lesser of the two evils for governing over YOU and our society.

Evil people that we the people must endure

For sure everyone has Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression but that doesn’t mean they will speak truth and good as we have many who act and speak EVIL. I have to address this elkapitan’s comments to the article about my mother and our house as it is clear he is a real promoter of LIES and EVIL! Evil does not discriminate but when Evil has the nerve to attack my mother’s story I think most readers will agree those are “fighting words” figuratively because I DARE him to show his face and real name like I do. elkapitan is one of my critics in the Comment Section but him stinkeye, tarklejr and a few others with obvious narcissistic comments have literally turned the comment section into the CYBER RAT Den which I wrote about years ago. I believe they actually sit and watch for comments as they often write several comments at different times — so sad when they won’t put their real name on a single opinion — a bunch of cowards. These critics of mine don’t seem to know its 18,000 voters and their numbers that you can count on one hand really don’t matter other than for entertainment on the ridiculous things they say and offering the opportunity to educate readers on the you-know-whats we still have in our society.

Nothing and no one is safe from EVIL! Now this you-know-what elkapitan was the only one to make ugly and even evil comments about the story on my mother and our house without one nice word to say. Instead he starts off complaining about how long my articles are and he can’t read them. It’s obvious him and others who complain about the length of my opinions are just lazy readers if they can’t read a two-page article. I wrote and entire STORY and he acts like he never read a story or book that is much longer but he writes paragraph after paragraph of BS in comment complaints, duh! He needs to be glad I’m the one responding and not my MaDear who would really give him a piece of her mind in a Christian fashion that would make him feel so bad low and short that he could literally sit on a dime and swing his legs. Now picture yourself doing that elkapitan ha ha!

This elkapitan is obviously jealous of my articles when he says “another I love me" or "I am the greatest" article especially since he can’t write a single noteworthy article of his own. He forgot Ali was one of my mentors and he needs to get educated about MaDears and Big-mommas in Black Culture before he even opens his mouth with words of stupidity flowing out as both of these titles are complements, not an insult. He even injects the ugly “N word” when it had nothing to do with the story, just wanted to inject something UGLY and EVIL! He changes the subject to talk about the use of the N word by Blacks towards other Blacks and how they were prejudice towards others. I guess the great and all-knowing elkapitan didn’t know these Blacks didn’t know any better themselves which shows the kind of Black friends elkapitan had who were obviously Black and prejudice. As for his comment about how the house looked like it was falling apart, he obviously didn’t look close enough because a good trained eye could tell the picture was only distorted from being enlarged. Our home is in very good condition and in fact it is the prettiest and best kept house on the entire street.

So, readers BEWARE of elkapitan, stinkeye and tarklejr as they are all you-know-whats promoting EVIL! If you do read their comments just enjoy the laugh at how ridiculous they can be especially when they hid behind fake names and fake news telling fake and ridiculous stories and think they know it all but figuratively don’t know an Apple from a Bullfrog, for TRUE! We have evil people like elkapitan and his crew of critics who are at the top of my list for prayers as they really need something to put them in their lane and on the right course. One doesn’t have to agree but no one should NOT invoke evil & ugly just to disagree. It’s not so much about one elkapitan but the fact that WE the People must attack EVIL every time it shows up anywhere as “one apple can truly spoil the entire barrel”! But I must offer a special thanks to CNMI Lawyer for his eloquent and most appreciated THANKS to me for sharing the story on my MaDear and our house and to John Davis for correcting, disciplining and putting elkapitan in his lane! To be continued: One People One Direction to stump out EVIL!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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