Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 90: Common sense about GOP & Democrats!

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THE founders of America who wrote the Federalist Papers that my Epitaphs prescribe too were also assisted by Thomas Paine who was a true American Patriot. Paine wrote a “Pamphlet called Common Sense” that truly raised the awareness of the Colonist about their predicament with the King and their desire for Independence.

WE the People are for SURE are facing a real predicament of uncertainty that is fueled by PURE corruption. Now the GOP has called for a meeting to what ends one can easily make an educated guess. No doubt the meeting will address the Governor’s predicament and the Legislature’s predicament but common sense should tell everyone who is truly informed that they are going to see and hear a lot of “whitewashing and gaslighting” to convince the GOP loyalist to stay loyal. Common sense should also tell those who are thinking about attending that they are WASTING their time given the RICO Investigation by the FBI that is still pending. It’s a waste of time when WE have a Speaker and members of our Legislature who REFUSE to tell the People what they did with OUR MONEY!

For sure both the GOP and the Democrats have been on the WRONG side of issues facing our society as it was the Democrat Senators in the South who fought to keep slavery because it was all about BIG Business for the South. This led to Abraham Lincoln’s, a Republican President, push to end slavery and the eventual signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the end of the Civil War. But since that time both parties have literally CHANGED their positions as the Republicans today on the mainland and in the CNMI are now for Big Business, which I have wrote about. The Democrats learned their lesson from slavery and became the “People’s Party” during Jim Crow and until today promoting ideals and issues that are OF and FOR the People over Big Business.

It’s really common knowledge the Democrats actually launched the Commonwealth as our first Government but Republicans quickly gained the upper hand in our politics early on which is why still today the Republicans are the Party to beat. The Democrats fall from grace in the CNMI came when a Democrat Governor chose to FIGHT with our-fathers-in-Washington and to even propose separating from America without the consent of the People. Needless to say, the millions wasted on lobbyist and the idea of fighting the Feds truly scared many voters who joined the Republicans who were preaching “Local Superiority” which is still on of their mantras today, even though it’s purely a prejudice ideal that has been twisted into a “local value.” Common sense should tell voters that they need to disassociate themselves with the GOP especially after what has transpired over the past few months and the economic catastrophe that is looming as a result of the GOP putting all our eggs in China’s basket.

I can remember telling my students that “the local people would be Muslims if it had been Muslims who came instead of the Spanish” and its truly a fact that history will support me on. I said this because the Republicans have been soooo deeply intrenched for the past two decades that they have been able to literally GROW an entire generation of Republicans and many don’t even know how they became a Republican. I was raised a Democrat for the very good reasons of “equality, minimum wage, affirmative action in the workplace, housing & food programs for the poor and a host of other things that directly improved life for us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats.” So many times, WE are all born-into-something that we adopt as being “what or how” something should be which brings me to another human phenomena. Psychologists have proven that WE (adults/parents) can raise a child to be whatever we want it to be, a drug dealer, racist, sex-predator and even a serial murderer so it easy to understand HOW so many Republicans have been raised over the past two decades in the absence of a Democrat Party. Common sense led to me remaining a Democrat that may not be perfect but it’s the best thing us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats have when it comes to governing in America. Common sense should also tell many of those Republicans that they have been following the WRONG CREW given our state of affairs over the past two decades and more recently with the revelations of corruption by the Governor and his Crew in the Legislature.

We the People need all Government employees to use their common sense and to just “play-along” with their GOP bosses when they are asked to attend GOP events. Just tell them you are toooo ashamed to come, which would really be TRUE. Just DON’T FORGET that what you do in the voting booth stays in the booth with YOU unless you tell on yourself as WE the People really need for ALL Government Employees to step up to the plate and hit a homerun for the PEOPLE instead of voting for your bosses in the GOP. Government employees are going to be put under a lot of pressure and WE the People need for your common sense to overrule the common practices of following the GOP especially when WE are ALL being lied to and bamboozled by the GOP!!!

First Responders should be the FIRST to use their common sense to get rid of the Governor and his GOP Crew in the Legislature that clearly doesn’t treat them like First Responders. The GOP controlled Legislature just let the Governor treat you and everyone else anyway he wanted to when it comes to austerity — our children are not even safe!

Retirees are another group who really need to listen to their common sense which I’m sure is telling them that the future of the Settlement Fund will remain “SUSCEPTIBLE to Failing” under the GOP. The GOP is actually responsible for KILLING the Retirement Fund yet retirees continue to support the GOP. The GOP has failed in its obligations to the Settlement Fund on entirely too many occasions and they even changed the law so they could manipulate the pre-determined obligations. Retirees have NEVER received their yearly bonus in the year they were supposed to get it and it has been as much as two years late in coming. Common sense should tell all retirees they have seen ENOUGH of the GOP’s bamboozling and gaslighting and it’s time to at least give the Democrats a chance.

The NMDs are another group who should be listening to their common sense given the way our Governor treats them without ANY consultation because he had his GOP in place to make the loan anyway without the support the NMDs. No disrespect intended, but NMDs would really be idiots to support the GOP that could care less about what NMDs want over what IPI needs. The proposal to lower the rates on leases did not come from NMDs but the GOP which is why I keep telling the NMDs they need to “unite under one umbrella organization with a supreme social leader” in order to combat and be a counter measure to the politics of our Government be it Republicans or Democrats. Common sense dictates the ONLY real countermeasure to the GOP is the Democrats.

Educators must certainly use their common sense given all the hell the GOP controlled Government has been bestowing upon PSS who has to beg, go to court and everything they can think of just to get the money our Education System is DUE!!! PSS is also the ONLY Autonomous Agency that should NOT be subjected to austerity if autonomous really means anything. These are our CHILDREN and their care providers we are cutting short and every cut in education is a cut in the future no matter how big or small the cut it is still a cut out of Education Outcomes. Common sense should tell educators it’s time to change our Government and vote Democrat.

College students and ALL the concerned citizens who are informed about the corruption of the Governor and the Legislature and embarrassed by the “Black Eye” our Governor and his GOP Crew in the Legislature have given the CNMI have to be using their common sense and saying “we have to put a stop to this”. Your future definitely looks gloomy under the GOP! I don’t think I have left anyone out which means there is going to be a lot of COMMON-SENSE voting in the mid-term as the majority of voters have to be “sick-and-tired” of the GOP by now.

For me it was the catastrophe of “Jim Crow & Segregation” that made me a Democrat and when I got here there was no Democrats so I joined and tried to help the Republicans. But realizing our Democracy was really at stake and even dead I made the choice to revert back to being a Democrat. I know there are many Republicans who are holding out on CHANGE solely because they are Republicans but common sense should tell them this is no time to be devoted to a Party that has clearly betrayed ALL the People including Republicans. I know that sometimes it takes catastrophe for people to really change and to a large degree the GOP has literally turned the CNMI into a catastrophic economic catastrophe that should really have everyone’s sense of reasoning on “high alert”. I hope for the sake of the CNMI that the common sense of ALL the government employees, retirees, NMDs, educators, college students and concerned citizens will kick in to boycott any and everything the GOP is trying to do starting with the GOP meeting proposed and anything that is related to GOP politics. It’s time for all of us to forget the Politics of the GOP and use our own God given common sense if we truly want a better Government and a better CNMI. To be continued: One People One Direction for common sense voting for Democrats!!!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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