Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 92: The GOP’s curse and their kaduku politics

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I WAS reminded that the Casino/Hotel and the GOP could very well be CURSED.

The graves that Locals were so rightfully upset about being disturbed is one of the believed sources for all the bad-luck that has continued to follow the development and the other is the arrogance of the GOP who literally FORCED the casino down our throats in defiance of the People and their spiritual leader at that time the late Bishop Camacho. I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe in such things but there are just as many who do believe in these types of things — and there is no one qualified on planet Earth to tell either group they are wrong so everyone just stay in your lane and PLEASE respect the opinions of others.

But one does have to wonder WHY sooooo much has gone wrong with the casino project and now the casino is truly facing a death blow. I’m speaking out on this now not to cause alarm but to merely face REALITY just as I have been doing since 2001 when I warned of the Garment Industry leaving in 2005, but the GOP didn’t listen and prepare then and they probably won’t listen now due to their conservative racist nature. The good thing is we are approaching the mid-term elections and WE the People will have a real chance to CHANGE the leadership in our Legislature which will do a lot to CHANGE the course of the CNMI especially in the way we deal with the casino issue. History has taught us though that whenever EVIL rises to high above the fray that something will always happen to counter it and even remove the evil influences as there is a saying that “goodwill always conquer evil in time.” Now I hope readers can appreciate why I would often say “time is on my side” when I was complaining about the evils of this administration in the past.

The CNMI is now facing a real “unprecedented catastrophe” as Typhoons come and go but what we are facing now is going to be a year or more long deluge of economic turmoil. There is no real recovery from this just NEW BEGINNINGS as WE the People (our Government) must start thinking about HOW to endure and recover from this economic catastrophe all at the same time. While our Governor is writing letters most of us know he really needs to be finding MONEY for his people. Furthermore, Governor please take note that #45 (Trump) doesn’t view the coronavirus as being that much of threat and what that means for your letter is “file it away until another day” pretty much. We the People need a leader to take us OUT of these treacherous waters, not one who is just trying to manage things.

The Governor is still busy writing with his “copied & paste” list of things to prevent price gouging but he didn’t even put the main thing we use and need against the coronavirus — HAND SANITIZER, and now he backpaddles with changes duh! But more importantly the Governor needs to be talking to “Epidemiologist” to get a real scientific perspective on what we are facing and possible timeline(s). He could also use the SUPPORT of these scientist and recognized economist in promoting our case for IMMEDIATE Federal Funding Assistance, as the CNMI is already “feeding-off-itself” with virtually NO new money coming in. I told readers last week the Governor is managing the problem when he needs to be WORKING the problem for solutions which is going to mean he will hard data from the scientist. It is truly time to start working with IPI to pay their debt and to seriously consider “selling-out” the casino to new investors from a more acceptable tourist destination.

GOP’s kaduku politics

But just to show how kaduku the GOP is and how they think they can sell us anything because they have literally gotten away with so much over the years. Heck, instead of punishing the GOP for forcing the Casino on us they got REWARDED, duh! More recently they had the NERVE to send a “Press Release” on their efforts to address OUR Political status. Yes, they are discussing our Political Status when it’s clear the CNMI needs America more than we have ever needed them in the past. I wrote about this before because there was NEVER anything that even hinted to the People’s desire to change our Political status not even a simple survey. Yet, just like the casino they went ahead and passed P.L. 19-68 in the 19th Legislature to create a Political Status Commission WITHOUT any input or consent BY the People. It should be easy to see WHY the GOP could NEVER be called “the Party OF, FOR and BY the People nor the People’s Party”! But the GOP did find a way to put MORE people on payroll who really aren’t doing a darn thing to HELP the People. WE the People don’t need any education or anything related to changing our political status at this point in time. In fact, these Political Status Commissioners are just another group of Commissioners along with the non-functioning Casino Commissioners who need to be terminated for “lack of need & use.”

Just think about how kaduku it is to even be thinking about discussing our Political Status with America. First of all, it is very CLEAR in the Covenant Agreement that America must FIRST agree to ANY Political Status change we want to make so even if we did want to change our Political status we couldn’t without the Feds’ approval. We also can’t just break away from America in defiance if you remember the lesson history taught us about the Civil War and what happened to the South. Finally, ONLY the GOP is concerned about our Political Status, not the People because Locals are leaving here for the mainland as quick and as fast as they can in a hurry to move to the mainland. If anyone is responsible for this continuous migration it is the GOP who have set the conditions for living in the CNMI for the past TWO DECADES. Can I get an AMEN!

WE have far more pressing issues than the GOP’s “off-brand and even unrecognizable brand of politics” in America today. Talking about keeping up with the times and these guys are trying to take us BACK in time. I could really go on some more but I have two more pressing Epitaphs for this week that focus on working this pandemic challenges and problems that need solutions. To be continued: One People One Direction!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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