The Democrat caucus is for you on Saturday!

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IT is my pleasure my honor and my duty to inform all declared Democrat voters to attend the Democrat Caucus on this Saturday the 14th at the World Resort and the doors open at 5 p.m. and they close at 6 p.m. So be there or be square (left-out) as we say in my culture. Speaking of culture, it should be duly noted that in the last Democrat Caucus of 2016 there were over 200 in attendance but and I do mean BUT because 90% of those in attendance were NOT locals who were obviously used to participating in mainland political processes.

But Locals need to learn that their participation in this process actually matters as we will have votes to offer the final two candidates for President and if it ends up being close race, we all know that every vote will count. Whoever wins the Democrat nomination and is able to become President our participation can prove pivotal in how we (the CNMI) is treated by the next President so it’s important for all Local Democrats to attend.

I am also running to be a Convention Delegate to cast a vote for the CNMI so I need for all those people who appreciate what I have been trying to accomplish with my Epitaphs will show up and vote for me. I could really use your help on this one and so can the Democrat Party. This caucus is really for YOU (every voter) to have a real say regardless of how small in our National Government. I know there is talk about how we don’t even vote for the President like it’s the Feds’ fault but the truth is that it was the Local Covenant negotiators who WANTED to keep the CNMI from voting for President trying to create some kind of “whimsical unique status” that was only mirage so we asked not to vote for President — get over it PLEASE!

If Locals can’t participate in the caucuses for Presidential candidates then maybe the CNMI is not ready to even vote for President anyway so let’s try and change all of that by having full local participation in the Democrat’s Caucus and hopefully one day we can even change the Covenant to allow for CNMI voters to participate in the Presidential election. So, like we say in my culture, “tell a friend to tell another friend to be at the World Resort this coming Saturday and vote for Mr. B”! One People One Direction.

Kagman, Saipan

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