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IT was brought to my attention that “the Covenant Negotiators could not seek the right to vote for President because it is a U.S. Constitutional matter of only STATES being able to vote for President” which is true. My statement about the negotiators did not reflect this all-important fact and for that I humbly and respectfully apologize.

However, I made that statement based on what one of the Covenant Negotiators told me “firsthand,” which was “the negotiators didn’t want to pursue voting for President because it would put MORE political pressure on the NMI to become more like or even a state when they wanted to remain “unique” from the states.

So, there was never a fight to get voting rights for President which is the point I was referring to as the negotiators didn’t want to fight for the right to vote for President because they had the “idea of remaining unique” which did not work out so good starting with “alien workers and later wages” and there will still be more forces to CONFORM the CNMI to the rest of America in the future, which is really WHAT the People wanted and the main reason they are still leaving here as quick, fast and in a hurry as they can. I was just saying the idea of “unique” in America is “whimsical” because America is founded on the very principle of EQUALITY for all in every way voiding “the unique idea”.

It took over two hundred years just to get all People equal and it will take a little longer before all of “Insular America” is equal in every way (Insular America is the proper name for the group of Commonwealths and Territories as members of the American family). So those people complaining about the CNMI’s inability to vote for President need to know WHY and stop trying to blame the Feds with this guilt-trip and just get over this political conundrum. It is also a part of history that we CANNOT change but we CAN change the FUTURE so let’s look towards and work for the future and stop complaining about some “spilled-political-milk” that happened almost a half century ago.

In fact, the Democrat Party started working on this issue in a round-about way through the Caucuses back in 2016 when a Resolution was drawn up but nothing has happened since. I also recently requested our new Chair to consider a path that could eventually lead to Insular America voting collectively as a state. There is nothing wrong with dreaming as dreams do come true especially if you do the work to make it happen. But the Chair is really swamped with our up-coming election and that is going to take time. But the good thing for voters to know is the Democrats do have the issue of CNMI voting for President on their minds and in their plans.

I hope this clarifies what I wrote and WHY I wrote it and I truly am sorry if I offended anyone — that’s the best I can do and hope it will be respectfully accepted. One People One Direction for working towards a BETTER future politically, socially and economically!

Kagman, Saipan

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