Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 94: A failure to plan — thanks Kilili and Dems!

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“THE failure to plan is a plan for FAILURE” which is what has happened in the CNMI given the Governor’s first plan to manage the problem is not panning out because this coronavirus is something we have to not only plan for but we also have to WORK the problem from ALL the angles.

This pandemic is going to have all kinds of adverse effects that need to be identified and addressed accordingly not just wait-and-see what happens which is what the Governor is obviously doing depending on “predictions for our tourism that have NO sound base-line examples.” He may as well have put on a blindfold and start shooting (cost-cutting) in the dark. The Governor waits until WE the People are literally starting to drown economically before he realizes that his life-boat is not big enough for all and he doesn’t have a Plan B which is why him and the Lt. Gov. are now back-peddling when they should be leading us forward not taking us backwards like a lost kapitan at sea.

The Governor literally waited until WE the People were starting to drown economically to finally sit down and talk to us but the problem was, he didn’t say much of anything we didn’t already know after witnessing it first-hand. The Governor should have TALKED to the People FIRST before doing anything and allowed for feedback which would have helped him in making some of the critical decisions he will have to make. All of this back-peddling with measures is a real sign that our Governor doesn’t have the vision nor wisdom to handle this as its obvious he couldn’t and didn’t even try to look over the horizon for what was truly headed our way — a global pandemic. But he’s not alone #45 (Trump) didn’t either and he is even still in denial so go figure why the majority of Americans number ONE goal is to get rid of him and the same should be true for our Governor. Our Governor is doing just like I said he only has the capacity to do which is react to this catastrophe because he doesn’t have the wisdom, experience to understand that he MUST learn to STEP BACK to get the bigger picture so you can truly think outside the Box and to come up with a real “Economic Impact Plan” to counter the long-term effects of the coronavirus.

I will share this little test with readers that I used to do with my students to show you what I mean: Try to connect these nine dots of this box with only four lines only moving four times and the pen/pencil must stay on the paper.

If you already knew how to solve this then it doesn’t matter because you have LEARNED. But for those who didn’t figure it out, I will put a solution drawing in my next Epitaph to show you how to truly think outside the box. I only had a few students in hundreds with obviously high IQs to figure this out — so test yourself on this.

The Governor’s biggest challenge is he lacks a REAL “Brain-trust” to help him with the many challenges and nuances of the adverse effects resulting from the pandemic. It’s still just him and his crew sitting down like we do at the picnic tables trying to come up with ideas. What he should have done when he was calling for the cancelation of flights was to assemble ALL the Economists, Business Leaders and Social Scientist and Health Experts and other stakeholders to sit down and WORK the Problem! This diversity would have given him a much better picture for what we would be facing and what we needed to do to mitigate the damage to economy and quality of life FOR the People. There is no one or two things we must do but a plethora of things we must do that him and his crew will never think of them all which is why I keep saying the Governor is only reacting instead of working the problem. In fact, this pandemic and out-side-the-box issues is what I actually went to college for when acquiring my Economic Degree but I wanted to work in a prestigious Think Tank of America in Washington and that wasn’t happening for a Black man back in 1973 when I graduated so I became a teacher. What the Governor needs is REAL talent, experience and wisdom of people in-the-know and not his political crew who may even be afraid to tell him things he doesn’t want to hear, thus killing the need to think-outside-the-box for a problem that is clearly outside-the-box of normal economic activity.

The Democrat Party has even issued an offer to HELP the Governor with a Brain-trust as this is no time to be playing politics when our economic engine is literally broken and needs fixing quick, fast and in a hurry! But I think we know what to expect from the Governor who wants to take all the good-credit he can but this is one time he needs to be respectful appreciative and HUMBLE like he is when he comes calling for your vote — so nice and so soft spoken.

I admire the Governor for surrounding himself with a lot of young talent which was also noticeable with the Cannabis Commission but we know they are really followers being groomed for the GOP at this point but what he really needs is a real Brain-trust so he can really work-the-problem which is why I would like to reiterate and propose the following since he didn’t come up with the idea. Given this is truly an all-hands-on-deck issue, ASK one of the major hotels that is experiencing a lot of empty rooms to provide the Government with free rooms and venues for a two or three day rounds of CNMI Summit Meetings of all the Economists which we don’t have any of on capitol hill, the business leaders, the legislature leadership/minority, transportation specialist, healthcare professionals and the social & political scientists and any other stakeholder I may have omitted to come up with solutions that can be packaged into a real plan. WE (our leaders) must get EMERCED in the problem if we are truly going to work the problem. This is pretty much what we used to do at PSS and even with the Pacific Resources Education Laboratory Conferences throughout Micronesia where I was always a presenter when it came to strategic long-term planning to generate the best outcomes and it worked to a high degree as a plan for success is more likely SUCCESSFUL than the failure to strategically plan at all — for TRUE! I bet the Governor and his crew did a lot of SECRET strategical planning when the FBI made their raids with a RICO case but he just manages our problems as they come which is NOT going to be good enough for what WE the People face.

The entire world is now going through a state of fluctuation with deep declines and our most pressing job is to come up with a real PLAN to counter these effects that we have very little control over. The only good thing is gas cost declining. WE need to learn HOW to make this WORK for us instead of against us and that takes a lot of brain-power, experiences and wisdom and not the suggestion box approach the Governor seems to be following. He is not an educator, he is not an economist, he is not a scientist of any sort and he should be seeking real help. Wise and successful people know “to get the real experts to tell them what to do” but our Governor doesn’t want to share the spotlight with anyone even when we are facing destructive typhoons and now this pandemic. Yes, he organized a taskforce to REACT to the problem but my 100-million-dollar question is WHO is really WORKING the PROBLEM?

Kudos to Kilili — the Democrat who knows what to do for the People

Kilili went straight to work by WORKING the Problem long before we run out of cash which is imminent if we don’t do something to curve the devastation. Kilili is already asking for 100 million to help us before the Governor can even open his mouth as he only sent a letter, duh! But to show you what I mean about a failure to plan is the fact that our Governor’s FIRST real move should have been a call to Kilili asking him to introduce the Bill that he had to do on his own and start working with Kilili and the GOP in the U.S. Congress instead of writing a silly and useless letter to #45. If he was going to write that letter it should have been about SUPPORTING Kilili’s Bill which is far more meaningful than putting #45 on notice of a pandemic he is ignorantly downplaying. The Governor should be using the power of his office to get ALL of his GOP and the Independents to start a real campaign to get the U.S. Congress to act expeditiously on Kilili’s Bill. If our GOP is so connected to the mainland GOP then put this supposedly connection to WORK which is what I mean about WORKING the PROBLEM! We are not going to just come up with something to save us we will have to WORK for it, which is the old American way of overcoming adversity and obstacles. The entire U.S. Congress is now debating how to HELP so get in there and HELP Kilili Governor. This is no time for GOP ugly politics. To be continued: One People One Direction to save our economy and our Democracy from Governor Torres and his “one track mind” GOP Crew!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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