Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 96: Cannabis whitewashing and gaslighting & 420

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ONE of the most compelling statements made by the Cannabis Commission in their press release on the Rules & Regs was: “The emergency regulations also established reserved sections for medicinal marijuana, laboratory licenses, and the processing of edibles, which will be established at a later date by the commission.”

Ambrose Bennett

One of the most important things to starting the Cannabis Industry in a laboratory and believe me that is truly a big challenge for the CNMI as Guam has been literally stopped in their tracks due to the need for a laboratory. Our numbers are entirely toooooo small to actually attract a laboratory but there is a way to get one that I am not sharing for obvious reasons. Nothing is going to happen commercially without that lab which is WHY Guam is still stalled and why I had placed so much emphasis on the acquisition of a lab in the draft legislation I wrote.

Heck California rolled out 278 pages of rules & regs within a MONTH when they transitioned but we are two years in. I can’t wait to see these Emergency Rules & Regs as if they are going to be changed. It was an emergency to get them written but I just don’t get the title “emergency” as they “are or are not” the final rules or are these rules subject to change at the discretion of the Commission? But I do know they are INCOMPLETE Rules & Regs and the most important rules & regs were left OUT! I’m even confused which is why the Commission needs to conduct Public Education Forums to get everyone on the same page. They shouldn’t assume that everyone reads the newspaper and everyone does have a computer to ask question on the email. Speaking of emailing the Commission, I want to thank them as I’m glad they finally got at least an email account after how long but still no phone and this is supposed to be a Government operation, duh! But what they really need is a “website” which is really the normal EXPECTATION in this day and age which should have been one of their FIRST priorities along we a few other things. They are being paid big salaries and need to be able to multitask and get things done. The CNMI is really behind schedule and it’s not all their fault but given they are being “marshalled by the Governor’s emissary,” it’s understandable they can’t multitask under GOP Conservative Mind-Set which is “one-thing-at-a-time.”

But one must ask, How many investors and locals are willing to purchase Licenses given our small population and the Covid-19 isn’t going to help which is why I previously said this idea of generating revenue from the Rules & Regs was literally whitewashing and gaslighting the legalization issue which is something the GOP is good at doing which only bamboozles the PEOPLE! How many locals have a 1,000 or 5,000 to start a real growing plantation that will yield a crop, especially when there is NO ONE to sell it to right now, duh! I say this because without a lab to test even those people with Dispensary licenses can’t purchase any marijuana. One of the priorities in the draft Bill I wrote for the 19th Senate stipulated and prioritized a lab. In fact, I know of someone here who is very interested in starting a lab but there isn’t a thing “in black & white” (no Rules & Regs) on the acquisition of a Lab, which should have remained in the law as part of the necessary infrastructure to get the Cannabis Tourism Industry up and running. I have often used what Albert Einstein said about fixing a problem: “you can’t fix a problem with the same (GOP) mentality that caused the problem” and the legalization issue is a prime example. It’s starting to look more and more like the GOP and this Governor can’t get anything right given they have been selling us you-know-what with their whitewashing and gaslighting politics.

420 Meeting in the CNMI – The CNMI Cannabis Association

I am preparing to call for a meeting to organize all potential GROWERS, PRODUCERS, RETAILERS WHOLSALERS, and LOUNGE Owners into an Association. One of the main reasons is to “protect and promote Local Entrepreneurship and preserve the integrity of locals being the primary stakeholders in the Cannabis Tourism Industry.” WE the People just saw how the GOP sold the CNMI out to the Chinese Investors and they were planning on doing the same thing with the Cannabis Tourism Industry. I saw the sell-out coming when they wrote the Companion Bill that first raised the cost of all licenses beyond the reach of the average local and then they reduced the residency requirement to get a license that I had written for 10 yrs. but they reduced it to 5 yrs. and they didn’t reduce it for locals but for whom I believe is the same Chinese Investors who tried to get the Mariana Resort dirt cheap but I helped to spoil that too. Now I trying to ruin all their plans to sell-out the locals in the Cannabis Tourism Industry to the Chinese Investors. So PLEASE don’t let this end up being another one of my genuine “I TOLD YOU SOs.”

If several investors come in and establish big grow houses like the Chinese have done in Colorado the local Boys/Men will get pushed aside just like the local Coloradoans were done and now they are in an uproar over this phenomenon with no real recourse. Locals need to get organized and unified if they want to truly have a vested interest in the Cannabis Tourism Industry as success is not just going to drop into your lap simply because you are or can grow marijuana. There is going to be costs and many business nuances related to cost involved at all stages of growing, processing wholesaling, retailing and operating a lounge. For example: Growers can’t just grow marijuana and sell it, that marijuana has to be tested under random supervised samples in a lab and the grower will have to pay that cost. Another challenge will be enforcement that is now on DPS who really can’t handle the extra load which is why I had put in the draft legislation for an “enforcement section” under the Cannabis Executive Director’s administration but they didn’t listen. Heck, right now the Commission don’t even have an administration not even a Secretary nor a phone — this is our classic GOP behavior! But they have cell phones but WE the People don’t have a single number which is pathetic and it’s not the Commissions fault but “the Governor and his GOP Crew in the Legislature” who allow this kind of lackadaisical operation.

In order to organize the stakeholders in the Cannabis Tourism Industry I am now seriously looking for someone with a “large private property lot” (home, ranch or farm) to host the event at no cost to them as I will seek out sponsors. Marijuana Growers, Processors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Lounge Owners need to come together to discuss the creation of an Association and even use and exchange marijuana during the discussions to create an Association on this coming 4-20 (April 20 which is a Monday). NO, this is not a “get-high” event but a “casual get-together” to discuss options as some people, especially from the business community, may not even want to get high. YES, people will be using marijuana and they can think rationally when using marijuana unlike the myths that have been floated. YES, there will also be EXTRA precautions to avoid “personal contact” even when using marijuana as one must have their own “crutch” if sharing. So if you plan to be one of these people and have the ability to host a gathering of stakeholders then PLEASE contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The sooner the better as we will need to do some logistical work to make it a success. So, if you or someone you know plans to play a role in the Cannabis Tourism Industry please share it with a friend and even ask them to tell another friend to call Mr. B. as now is the time to PLAN for success.

I really can’t put it into words how important this is for Locals who are interested in the industry but I am not going to be trying to help people who don’t want help — so I’m doing this for YOU, not me. I actually experienced this wired phenomenon of people turning on me for trying to help with teachers whom I’m sure now regret not listening to me about organizing for collective bargaining with PSS. So this opportunity is only going to come once given the GOP wants to give the industry to investors which can be seen in the very nature of the rules & regs. I kind of feel like New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo who says his state is not going to wait on Trump and the Feds with this Covid-19 and that is how I feel about waiting around on the Cannabis Commission to deal with all the nuances in a timely fashion and in the best interest of the Local People. So, I hope even my critics will at least leave me alone on this one and give your fellow locals a chance and support to organize because I am definitely not the enemy. I will be waiting to see who and how many are truly interested in having a real interest in the Cannabis Tourism & Hemp Industries. To be continued: One People One Direction for a Cannabis Association!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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