Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 98: Turning the corner on Covid-19

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LIKE most of us in the CNMI who have been self-quarantined and have little to do but watch CNN and keep up with the progression of the virus I thought it might be appropriate to try and shine a light at the end of the tunnel in an effort to “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” like Jesse Jackson used to say at our Civil Rights gatherings.

We must keep hope alive as America is showing its TRUE Greatness through our Medical Scientists and all of those in the Healthcare Industries who are putting forth their “A-game” (best) to turn the corner on this virus. China has proven they can turn the corner on the virus and their biggest worry is now “outside threats” of people coming into China. But they had the power of a Socialistic Government to “stop everything in place and force all people and businesses to play their role to the letter or ELSE” and I don’t need to say what the or-ELSE is in China.

But fortunate for America our greatest minds and KUDOS to them and they went right to work and now there is a test that only takes minutes which is the “game-changer” that I mentioned in my previous Epitaph. Once this test is readily available Guam and the CNMI will be able to begin turning the corner on this pandemic as we will have the capacity to make sure no-one with the virus can enter the CNMI as they will be immediately quarantined, which is why our ISLAND environment is literally PERFECT for keeping the virus OUT, thank God. Tests that only take a few minutes will allow for everyone getting of the aircraft to be tested immediately with an immediate result, a true game changer for dealing with the virus. The CNMI being FREE of the virus and the ability to keep it free is actually going to work to our advantage in turning the corner because people are more willing to come to the CNMI because they know it will be safe once they arrive in the CNMI.

Given the potential of the test to turn the corner for our Airline Services and our Tourist Industry the Governor should be doing all he can to get these darn tests including getting on a plane and going to get them if necessary, to speed up the process. Getting these tests should be only second behind working-for and getting the Federal Assistance to the People that has been pledged and what will be pledged in the future. WE need to save jobs and businesses for the “Day After” as too many people don’t have ANY income and I truly feel for them. I am hopeful that Landlords who can afford to lose a month’s rent from their tenants will just “give them a FREE month and write-it-off” on their Income. I say this because differing the rent in many cases is just setting people up for failure as they will never be able to catch up and the landlord will end up with an empty place and NO Rent, this is especially true with tenants who are borderline Section-8. I know from experience in Memphis as a Property Manager for a large firm that it’s far better to keep a good renter by giving them a break in situations of a sweeping disaster than putting more debt on the renter than they can bare and you lose the renter and the rent money and you are looking at an empty place for weeks or months as you try to rent again. So let’s all do our part, as property owners and other business people who can afford to give people a break don’t let greed be the definition of your character and entrepreneurship, especially if you really don’t need the money — remember God ain’t sleeping and you can’t take it all with you!

I also want to thank and respond to the concerns of a commenter as they were genuine concerns that were delivered in a respectful manner. Yes, Political Parties will FOREVER fight in virtually ALL political matters that enter the Political Arena. Don’t forget, our founders created an “adversarial government” on purpose in order to yield the best results for the People. The problem is when that adversarial government is “out-of-balance or should I say TITLED” with a super majority on one side there is no adversarial checks & balances taking place making for virtual Totalitarianism, this is especially true in the CNMI as the Governor is also the Social Leader in our tightly knit community outside of Religion. We saw this phenomenon when the U.S. Senate voted not to impeach #45 and right here in the CNMI with our GOP who refused to tell us what they did with OUR MONEY and refuse to properly investigate and charge the Governor and this is not the first time for the GOP to do this as they ran the same political play of “do nothing” with Governor Fitial. Thank God for the Public Auditor and the Feds is all I can say because our own Criminal Justice System STINKS when it comes to prosecuting the elite GOP it seems. So if you want to “balance” our Government VOTE more Democrats into office and even a majority.

The commenter raised the concern that: “Strange how when we have disasters and crisis that all of a sudden, we need this, we need that. Why weren’t the needs of the CNMI addressed years ago during normal times?” My answer is that it’s just human nature for most people to “learn from our mistakes” so when something goes wrong, we recognize our short-falls and oversights it’s just that Politics is the only arena to address the solutions. As for the delays and even FAILURES in addressing the things we need BEFORE a disaster hits us, WE can all blame it on the GOP for the past two decades. This is the MAIN reason virtually every voter needs to be thinking Democrat and the main reason I keep immersing the reading public on the GOP failures and what needs to be done to end this ugly GOP Merry-Go-Round that is not any fun and it’s even BROKEN now with crimes by the Governor and certain members of the Legislature! The real scary part is they will get away with most if not all of it IF the people don’t elect a Democrat Majority. It’s all about checks & balances. The Democrats are our BEST and ONLY HOPE! So, if WE the People truly want to turn the corner on ALL the adversities facing the CNMI it’s time for VOTERS to say they have SEEN and HEARD ENOUGH and just vote Democrat. At least no one can say anything bad about the CNMI Democrats who haven’t been in office nor position to even do anything wrong so why not give new people with new ideas a chance — it’s really common sense!

But given the revelation and potential of “instant testing” the entire picture and time-line for dealing with this virus will change and shorten. I am confident our Healthcare system is performing at their best in monitoring for the virus as we do have some GREAT Doctors and Staff at CHCC. But it will even help them and our ability to turn the corner more to have these what I call “INSTANT TESTS” should the virus get lose in our community. The last I knew we are still sending our “Test-kits” back to Guam for processing which is “time-delayed” to say the lease. So we must remain self -quarantined until the Governor gives the all clear if we truly want to turn the corner on the virus because our GREAT People who really make America GREAT have come to our rescue WE just need to “shelter-in-place” until help arrives. In fact, the best thing one can do when they are lost and you know someone will be looking for you is to Shelter-In-Place so this is a viable and proven methodological approach for dealing with all kinds of things beyond a virus. If we can keep the community clear of the virus it will be that much easier for the CNMI to turn-the-corner and put this virus in our rear-view-mirror for TRUE! To be continued: One People One Direction for turning the corner on Covid-19 for brighter and better days!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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