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REPRESENTATIVE LJ Castro’s desire for the Governor’s New directive to be revised is RIGHT. I was wondering WHO among the GOP would have the interest of the People over the interest of the Governor and the GOP and true to form it is the youngest of the crew. Kudos L.J. and keep speaking up for what is RIGHT!

Representative Castro is so right when he said the new directive “has given our constituents and…the businesses affected, great difficulties.” The limited hours, he added, have resulted in “long lines getting in and out of stores.” The limited operational times have created difficulties in the delivery of goods needed by businesses, “and more importantly, made large groups of residents congregate at a time when we are asked to keep distances from each other,”

The Governor has actually created the conditions for “social & business gatherings” instead of conditions for “social distances.” It is an absolute “horror picture” going into the stores in the morning now as customers and wholesalers are crowding the stores at the same time. It is the “PERFECT STORM CONDITIONS” for getting and spreading the virus. This is what happens when we have a “Make-shift Taskforce” and why I am calling for a REAL “Emergency Management Team” with the Public Auditor being the “Watch-dog” over the money. I’m sure the decision to close these businesses was an arbitrary decision made by the Governor alone and not one composed of members from the business community. Heck, I’m still wondering HOW the PIC got passed over for housing the Covid-19 Quarantined when the PIC is more remote and much closer to the Airport and who gets what contract for caring for these people are all questions of accountability that doesn’t exist with this make-shift Task-force concept. But the GOP doesn’t want real accountability because then the Governor can’t freely manipulate things for GOP interest — it’s all about Politics when it should be all about the People and what’s FAIR!

Reopen the stores to some since of normal hours so people can truly practice “social distancing” because you are literally setting us ALL up for failure Governor. One People One Direction.

Kagman, Saipan

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