Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 99: Socialism prevails in virus pandemic & Democrats

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THE FIRST real adoption of “socialistic ideology” in America actually emerged as the solution to the Great Depression that was even spurred on by the WWII efforts.

Needless to say, FDR a Democrat, was the architect of these socialistic ideas that were widely supported mainly because the idea of “putting all the people back to work and making everyone involved in the War effort were considered “Americans-Uniting” in a common effort but in reality they were all forms of Socialism DICTATED by Government. Americans only associate socialism with Russia, China, N. Korea and Cuba - they don’t want any part of anything called socialism — it’s really that simple.

This is really a Social Studies Lesson that I used to teach to my AP (advanced) History Students: Democracy is the ultimate in FREEDOMS and OWNERSHIIP of the Government OF, FOR and BY the People while Socialism is the ultimate DENIAL of FREEDOMS with NO OWNERSHIP in Government BY the People making these two Ideologies of Governing virtually diametrically opposites. Historically and presently these two forces are still in opposition that is constantly being played out in the Global Political Arena. The Great Soviet Union was far ahead of America in many ways that can directly be attributed to the fact that it was a socialistic Government. There is a lot of good and power in socialism in the ability to “dictate how all of society will address issues facing a society or government.” The ability to UNITE an entire people as One People in One Direction for whatever the Government is trying to accomplish is extremely powerful and it’s how the Soviet Union was far ahead of America in Space, Science and military capabilities. It was only after the fall of the Soviet Union that America became the leader in Space, Science and military capabilities that actually evolved through socialistic approaches to these issues by the American Government.

America has been implementing “socialistic ideology” ever since the Great Depression in one form or another. For example: Minimum Wage is actually a “socialistic ideology” in that the Government is “mandating a set wage for ALL Americans taking away the right of businesses owners to decide on what wages they want to pay.” The rights of business owners were taken away for the advancement of all the people, which is pure socialism but it was never branded with a socialism tag. More recently, the Aviation Industry and the People lost many RIGHTS due to terrorism in exchange for the betterment (safety) of ALL the People. Whenever RIGHTS are taken away by the Government to serve a Government effort socialism will be found at the roots of these activities in our society.

Medicare for ALL and many of the things Bernie Sanders is promoting are truly needed but the problem is he literally branded his ideology for what it really is “a DEMOCRAT SOCIALISM REVOLUTION” and he even went as far as to link it with the Democracy of the Democrat Party which was like trying to mix oil and water without a collective agent like a “real depression or a war.” For sure this virus has proven that America does need some form of Medicare for ALL but Bernie Sander’s biggest challenge was he tried to link “Socialism with Democracy” which is like mixing “water & oil” which is a challenge because they don’t “NATURALLY” mix. Bernie obviously didn’t learn the lessons about the implementation of socialistic ideas from FDR as he deemed his socialistic ideology as “a NEW DEAL,” not socialism even though it was a pure form of socialism. We have all seen parents disguise medicine in something for their child in one form or another so they will take it and that is exactly what FDR did with his New Deal Plan that was purely socialistic in nature but he branded it A New Deal, not Democrat Socialism. While the youth in America who have no real reflection or connection to socialism, older Americans who KNOW about Socialism and how the Socialistic countries like Russia, China, N. Korea, and Cuba mistreats their people are scared to death when a person starts touting “socialism” because these countries are our “ARCH-ENEMIES” and that’s for True. Many Americans want nothing to do with what I will label as “direct socialism” as it takes away RIGHTS so it must be disguised as something else like “the New Deal, Safety & Welfare or Rights for All.” Socialism is like a bad tasting medicine to a majority of Americans based on polling even though there is a lot of good things that can be accomplished through socialistic ideas and approaches to challenges.


Socialism just has to be “repackaged” for Americans to accept it as being American and not something from a socialist country — disguise the bad tasting medicine. Socialism does have its “merits” as the most recent example of Socialism in America was when #45 (Trump) signed the “Defense Production Act” or DPA which allows the Government to FORCE businesses to literally produce things and do what the Government wants them to do — pure socialism that takes away all freedoms. I’m actually a Democrat who believes in some socialistic principles in dealing with “social & political challenges” like the “DPA” for dealing with this virus but I would never embrace “socialism” in its entirety — Bernie just packaged socialism wrong.

I really believe that if Bernie Sanders had “packaged his ideology better like FDR did he wouldn’t be on the ropes and almost down-and-out for the count. I know why Bernie Sanders, an Independent, joined the Democrats because if he wanted any real chance of being President, he had to join a Party — a simple fact about our Political Arena and why I believe Independents in the CNMI must join the Democrats if they want to become the majority. But Bernie is preaching revolution and white-conservative-America which is strong 40 plus percentile of voters will literally fight tooth and nails to stop anyone promoting socialism. But just think, when our Governor ask for “ALL Power” to manipulate the money that is a form of Socialism that we accept because we are facing danger but we all know that our Democracy is about “checks & balances” with no one being all powerful. So, we even practice socialism in the CNMI, Guam and the rest of America as you read this Epitaph — think about it as I’m sure you will have to say hummm, Mr. B or Papa Bro is RIGHT!

I really owe this Epitaph to our Democrat Chairwoman who started me thinking when said on WhatsApp “the Republicans are Democrat Socialist after all” because the President and his GOP Crew are all being FORCED to implement “socialistic ideological tactics” to fight the virus. If you look at the way the President and Federal Government are responding to the virus it is pure socialism but it’s being viewed as “relief and assistance.” One of the biggest snags in getting ahead of the curve on this virus was the lack of a link between the Government and Private Industry to work collectively in fighting the virus. It took almost a month for Private Labs and Companies to come on line to aid the huge task of fighting the virus. China that had the MOST infected was able to simply shut down everyone and everything and put all efforts into fighting the virus in a single stroke, which is why China is now showing to be the quickest to get the virus “contained and under control” because of their pure socialistic approach in the ability to require ALL of China’s resources for the State to work the problem, which actually proves socialism is more proficient when facing a pandemic or catastrophe of any kind.

I truly feel for the youth of our nation who KNOW that what Bernie Sanders is saying is RIGHT and NEEDED he just wrapped it in the wrong packaging and I knew it wouldn’t work from day one like I told my wife. Bernie is going to run out of steam once the primary voting went South literally & figuratively. But the good thing about the youth movement that is even here in the CNMI as Bernie did get more votes than Biden which tells me the PEOPLE are surly coming more to forefront of issues as these youth represent the future. But it’s not so much about Socialism of Bernie & Biden’s Ability to beat Trump as our real challenge in the CNMI is the People v Torres which is a matter for the Courts with Gov. Torres and for voters to resolve with his GOP Crew in the Legislature.

I was glad to see soooo many young people at the Caucus who are Democrats and we need MORE of them to be Democrats if we are to ever stem-the-tide of devastation by the local GOP. If anything, the Democrat Caucus offered real hope for the future as our Democracy in the hands of our youth, especially from NMC, were the overwhelming majority who were engaged in the activity — KUDOS to the YOUNG Folks of the CNMI and keep it up! I just hope the Democrat Party can get more youth involvement as they can change the minds of their hard-headed GOP parents because the youth are truly a group who are FED-UP with the GOP. A true story and out of respect I won’t mention any names: but there is an elected GOP in the House of Representatives who’s voting age child is adamantly upset at their parent for staying in the GOP — so when the children start seeing how bad it is, then it’s really gotten BAD for the GOP. Most of us adults who process “parental wisdom” know that when our children start complaining, especially about politics, then IT’S ENOUGH and it must change. It’s time for a Democrat Revolution led by our youth for New Beginnings and Better Times. To be continued: One People One Direction for Democrats.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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