Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 100: Ameri-CAN, Poli-tricking, Cheating & Capitalism

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I TRULY hope and pray the People of the CNMI truly appreciate my Philanthropical or Altruistic and my American Patriotic approach to the problems facing the CNMI in my Epitaphs.

AMERICA-CAN (Americans-can) overcome this virus as WE are truly the GREATEST Nation on planet Earth. It is only fitting and proper that this is my 100th Epitaph about our great Federal Democracy that is literally DEAD in the CNMI with hope of a resurrection now being visible on the horizon (the mid-terms)!

The passage of the biggest “Stimulus Bailout Legislation” in the history of our nation is empirical proof of the power and greatness of our nation. For the Republicans and Democrats to agree and spend 2 Trillion it proves that hard-times CAN make the most adversarial people in our Government AGREE to become One People in One Direction to save our People and our Economic Life lines. One People One Direction is very POWERFUL I just wish WE could see and do more as One People in the CNMI beyond this virus.

As I said before, this virus thing is about ALL-hands-on-deck and that is LITERALLY. Everyone has a role to play even if it is just staying home. But there are many people and businesses in a position to do MORE as this is not about a “time for profiteering but a time for true American patriot-teering.” Patriotism is a quality of character that is only EARNED though one’s deeds and we need for all of those who CAN to do their part as “Ameri-CAN” do extraordinary things facing extraordinary challenges! There have been sooooo many acts of genuine patriotism on the mainland which includes medical professionals sacrificing their LIVES to fight this virus, something I’m sure they never imagine but these are the People who truly make America GREAT and WE should follow Italy’s example by “hailing them thanks” a much as possible!

But unlike in a Socialist Nation like N. Korea or China where the Government can literally FORCE everyone and every business to do what the Government wants but in America, we are more on the HONOR System to DO what is expected to a high degree which is the TURE challenge. On the mainland WE are seeing landlords giving 3 months free rent, businesses donating to the community, wholesalers & retailers dropping prices down to the level of the cost price only, cable-phone-internet services cutting their rates just to keep their customers, gas less than $1 per gallon and stores even giving away produce goods before spoilage, neighbors sharing with neighbors, and the list goes on with acts of Patriotism. Even if you are Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese you are in America and you can also be part of the Americ-CAN movement by doing your part. The only question is how will our powers-that-be and the People respond: will it be as “parasites for self and Federal funds only or Patriots for the People and the CNMI?

Gaslighting Poli-tricking by the Governor

I recently asked the Governor in an Epitaph to “get in there and HELP Kilili” which he claimed to try and do but instead he gaslights Kilili with his politics that was more like poli-tricking which is what my wife called it and she is soooo RIGHT! Instead of the Governor getting on the phone and talking to the Majority Democrat Leader and the GOP Minority Leader in the House pleading for their help to work with Kilili, the Governor deliberately puts Kilili on “Front Street” and even in check by sending him a “publicly announced shopping list” of things for Kilili to acquire ALONE. The Governor knows he was putting Kilili on the spot with his shopping list to deliver and it was not fair at all to Kilili. The Governor is clearly using this opportunity to make himself look good like he is running things but he is really reflecting the accountability for his shopping list on Kilili which was literally gaslighting and poli-tricking that didn’t fool me nor a lot of voters. Kilili is doing his job — you do your SHARE Governor, which is genuine political collaboration, not the gaslighting poli-tricking play you are trying to run by putting the accountability solely on Kilili!

What are YOU doing about the shopping list Governor is what should have been in his effort of so-call collaboration??? I said “HELP Kilili” Governor, not put him on the spot alone with what is clearly YOUR responsibility toooo Governor: Asking Kilili for help with the Settlement Fund, the 100% federal match for Medicaid funds, the 100% federal match for FEMA projects, the Increase Capital Improvement Program and Technical Assistance Funds to OIA, Forgive federal student loans for taxpayers in the CNMI, Provide 100% federal cover-over for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Amend U.S. Public Law 115-218, and the Increase federal funding opportunities for the Public-School System is a list of things you should be doing too Governor, for TRUE! Please STOP the poli-tricking Governor and get in there and HELP because I’m sure Kilili already knows what needs to be done but what he really needs is HELP in lobbying Congress.

The recent claim by the Governor to work WITH Kilili was just more PROOF of his poli-tricking because he released a two-page press release PRAISING the President for signing the Stimulus Bill but didn’t offer one sentence of THANKS to Kilili for his work — a pathetic example of poli-tricking partisan politics!”

NO Cheating

My biggest concern is WHO and HOW are WE (the CNMI) is going to “DISTRIBUTE & RECONCILE” all this Federal Money that is going to come flowing in, which is why I called for the Public Auditor to become the “comptroller & reconciler” of ALL emergency Federal Funding. Who is going to make sure the businesses pay the employees they laid off for example? Personally, and I’m sure I’m not alone is the fact that I can’t TRUST the Governor, the Legislature nor the Attorney General’s Office anymore which is truly a sad-state-of-affairs that hangs over our heads during this battle with the virus. But they are all we have — so it is up to the PEOPLE in the villages to conduct their own form of reconciliation by paying attention to the disbursement of the Federal Stimulus funds and reporting anything you don’t think is right to KANDIT News the premier “Investigative Media Source” for Guam and the CNMI.

Given the CNMI does not have “Unemployment Insurance” I am concerned about how employees are going to get their wages stimulus money. I hope the Department of Labor will be controlling this money for employees who were laid off but details are still sketchy. But businesses will be getting a great deal of financial help which may or may not include PAYING employees for ALL the TIME they were laid off. I’m highlighting the need for NO Cheating, NO Ghost Employees, and NO Lying to employees that you didn’t get the money to pay them if it turns out to be that way. Employees need to know this money is like “unemployment insurance for everyone who was laid-off” so all one needs to do is keep track of the days/hours you were laid off and you can calculate what you should be getting. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that readers SHARE this information as many people are not fully connected to the media sources and depend a lot upon “word-of-mouth” so post-it on Facebook and spread the news so these people won’t be cheated out of pay they should get. This is entire virus thing is truly about being One People in One Direction to deal with the virus and the adverse effects the virus is causing our society.


Like my MaDear would say whose House is now on the National Historic Registry, “ONE DAY” America is going to have to PAY our debts which will be three times or more than what it was before the Stimulus Bailout. America continues to just print money and increase our debt for good reasons but being an Economist I have often wondered where our capitalism was headed especially when there is a gigantic debt attached. I say this because there is no ceiling for capitalism and time continues to push prices, costs and wages higher — no ceiling. The first cars only cost a few hundred dollars but now a car cost 10s of thousands and even hundreds of thousands. The funny part is the old cars were better quality and built to last while cars today are just made to “survive” past their warranty and they start rusting breaking-down and falling apart – that’s the downside of capitalism.

But I’m truly concerned about what happens when America is asked or even FORCED to pay its debts which is MOSTLY owned by China. Yes, China has been buying our debt (dollars) for years and literally have “stock-piles” of U.S. dollars in the high billions. I know this is something that only TIME can answer but it is something worth keeping in mind because the day is surely coming when America will have to pay up. To be continued: If WE learned anything from this virus it is that the POWER of One People One Direction should not be taken for granted but USED for resurrecting our Dead Democracy with the Democrats!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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