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THE nationally recognized United States Press Freedom Tracker has given our Governor FAILING GRADES across his Report Card for his poor communication efforts between the press and with the People and the GOP Legislature is not doing a darn thing about “oversight” on this revelation.

The Governor seems to think Social Media is connected to every citizen when in fact the reality is the complete opposite but everyone has some form of access to a radio, which is why we the Emergency Broadcasting System and a phone, it’s really that simple.

It has been almost a month since the Governor sat down and talked to HIS People in this Black Swan Event which is really horrible leadership.  Since March there have been No press briefing NO general press attendance NO live questions and follow ups which means there is NO Accountable Oversight nor Transparency on WHAT our Governor and Government is really doing. Some State Legislatures are already conducting “Oversight Hearings on the  Pandemic” but WE the People have yet to see any really pregnant for the People like a simple map of tracing showing “hot-spots” where the virus has been identified so WE the People can be AWARE and take the proper precautions. In fact, WE are not being told anything by the Governor just his Press Releases that are carefully drafted Politricks that don’t offer any accountability or feedback. Heck, we still don’t have a “Central Hot Line” for all questions which is ridiculous given this Black Swan Event is far worse than anything the CNMI has ever experienced — please pray for our leader as we are in TROUBLE!

Now I hope readers can see why I was calling for a Central Operations with Phone Lines because our Governor is only concerned about announcing good news but he doesn’t care about answering the REAL concerns of HIS People. The Press Secretary even claimed that they were waiting to learn how to conduct “video conferencing” which is a technology that is OVER a decade OLD. I guess the Governor and his Press Secretary really do think we are stupid.  If the Governor of NY State, which has more people and a bigger economy than many nations can talk to HIS People on a daily basis then our Governor should be able to find time for HIS People but he’s hiding as much as possible to avoid accountability.

I have also written in Epitaphs CALLING for “Central Phone Line FOR Communications with the People because the majority of People in the CNMI don’t have access to the internet, nor the newspaper but they do have access to phones and the radio. The Governor really doesn’t care if everyone is informed because the dumber the People are the better his chances for promoting himself and his Party as the success of any good governing in a real republic depends a great deal on the People being “informed & active” — he is just politricking like I keep telling readers (the People’s Republic of China is not a real republic just in case my critics didn’t know — it’s just the politricking of China). Every state and territory have some form of a “Central Command/Operations” except for the CNMI which is a horrifying revelation FOR the People.

I can remember studying Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR)  who was elected FOUR times in my graduate Political Science Courses and one of the most amazing difference between him and ALL the other Presidents of our nation was his ability to “DIRECTLY CONNECT” with the People in his speeches and through is regular “Fire-side Chats” during the war. Real great leaders “keep their ear to the ground, their hand on the plus of their People and they connect with the People they are leading” which sends a genuine signal of “caring” and it informs the People on WHAT’s going on and HOW it is being dealt with which really gives People the confidence needed to fully support their leader. FDR mobilized our entire nation under the New Deal because it was a REAL New Deal and not political posturing with a politricking schemes. This actually reminds me of a saying about good people & leaders that we have in my culture as we often refer to them as being “REAL PEOPLE” because they have truly EARNED that Honorable Prestigious title in my culture. IF an African-American calls you “Real People” you have just been dubbed and exalted in a very positive light of being a person with real character & morals. FYI readers, our Governor and many of the GOP ARE NOT Real People — for TRUE! To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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