OPINION | Epitaph 114: Passing the tests

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LIFE itself is a test that will offer many tests that WE must all learn to pass and its clear WE must get better at passing our Political Tests in the voting booth which is our ONLY hope for better governing in the CNMI.

I see the Governor is already trying to launch a more aggressive Communication Effort, I just hope it’s not a “one-way” conduit that only puts out information but does not receive calls for information and the concerns OF the People. I guess he was listening to the National Freedom Press Tracker because I had already TOLD HIM SO several times. I have been warning and making admonishments for over two decades that were really TESTS for our leaders and I can almost count on ONE HAND how much of what I wrote about was really adhered to by the GOP as a whole who get an “F” in my Poly-Sci class figuratively. When this Black Swan Event first hit, I WARNED that there will be all kinds of TESTS that will EXPOSE our strengths and weaknesses and for TRUE this has happened and continues. There is virtually NO where to hide anything because everyone is watching including the ENTIRE Media which is why the Governor of Guam and our Governor hate Kandit News but they can’t call it fake news like #45 does. The problem is the Governor and Legislature ARE NOT truly leading to pass these tests presented by this Black Swan Event just reacting and politricking (copying some activities) their way through this pandemic. WE all know what happened to those students who tried to “copy and cheat” their way through school copying — many didn’t make it.

Like I said before, this Black Swan Event is supposed to make us BETTER and not for us to remain the same because humans are a “LEARNING SPECIES” which is how we have advanced over time. The challenge in human society is that our learning and growth comes about “ONE person at a time” which makes for a slow process. But events like this pandemic actually speed-up the learning process because its soooo serious and it exposes soooo much that is WRONG that needs FIXING! If our Governor didn’t pass a simple “Communications Test and failing miserably” with this pandemic that was conducted by the United States Press Freedom Tracker then he certainly can’t pass the HARD tests for “restarting and running our economy and making the outcomes of our economic activities better.” Don’t forget, the Governor and his GOP are the ones who have already failed the Economic Expansion Test that got us into austerity and it wasn’t the typhoon like the Governor wants voters to believe as the Feds really covered MOST of the expenses like they are doing with this pandemic. In fact, many People are already concerned about our Government not passing the test with the Federal Funds for this Pandemic — and rightfully so.

One of the biggest problems in the CNMI is that our Governor and Legislature are virtually NEVER TESTED as I have seen citizens for years just saying nothing and doing nothing even though they KNOW what the Governor and Legislature are doing is WRONG and they still vote Republican. WE the People must learn to pass our Governing Test in the voting booth! What ever happened to the simple investigation on the “MISUSE of OUR MONEY by the Governor” which seems to have been tossed into the trash just because of this pandemic and the fact that the Governor gave us a pitiful excuse that a first-grader wouldn’t believe.  Don’t the Legislature know that Public Confidence in our Governor and Legislature is at an ALL TIME LOW but they don’t care about passing the Public Confidence Test now as they are only concerned when election season is upon us which EVERYONE should know by now. This is why voters need to be grading the Governor and his GOP NOW under the REAL conditions of this pandemic because once election season arrives, they will try and CHANGE their tune and the narrative of our government. Voters won’t hear any praise of how “fruitful the CNMI was under the last Democrat Governor.” The Governor is even trying to literally “set-us-up” for the election season politricking about “changing the structure of our Government” to make things better when the real problem is the structure of our politics with NO Democrat majority in the legislature to CHECK a GOP Governor in the Executive Office — a simple problem with a simple solution but the PEOPLE keep failing their test too.  I’m a real political scientist who KNOWS the GOP’s play-book better than many of them — for TRUE! And don’t forget, I used to GIVE and even take tests for a living for over twenty years so you can’t fool me Governor nor can you fool all the People all the time.

When a recognized National Media Watch-dog Agency tells the People of the CNMI that our Governor & Government is DEAD LAST in our Nation and FAILING in communicating with the People it should be a real eyeopener for voters to CHANGE our ENTIRE Leadership. WE are facing the most serious challenge to our nation and the CNMI since 1918 and the Governor is dead last in communicating with the people which speaks volumes to the need for CHANGE in our leadership in the Legislature and the Executive Office. The Governor & Legislature are avoiding accountability tests at every corner like bad students, which is why voters need to and should spread the word so MORE voters can be aware of the many political, economic and social tests that our Governor and Legislature are failing to pass. Our future is really in the hands of voters passing the test in the voting booth which will determine if “WE as a People will get the Promise Land of Opportunities & Prosperity” described in our Nations’ Creed. To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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