OPINION | Epitaph 115: Resurrection Day or Independents Divide & Conquer

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THE Democrats have made their formal request for candidates which is a signal that “Resurrection Day” (voting day) is now on the horizon and if I have to tell you what resurrection and who then you haven’t been keeping up with the events in our Commonwealth.

It is no secret and even common knowledge that Democrats are positioning themselves to make a real competitive run for ALL or most of the seats in the Legislature in a real attempt to resurrect our dead Democracy. But there is also another possible scenario which is the OLD Game-plan of “Divide & Conquer” from “the Gov. Fitial era GOP Play Book” that can actually leave us with a still dead Democracy and the GOP maintaining control if voters fall for this MALARKEY (nonsense) political trick.

Our economic, social and even our political salvation is really at stake and what happens in the coming months will determine WHAT will happen to us after voting day. For sure, this is the most serious of times since WWII for ALL of us living in the CNMI and it is no time to be playing around in the voting booth. While the Democrats are trying to raise our dead Democracy from the grave to be HEALTHY the GOP is already plotting their strategy of Divide & Conquer by splitting up the People and the Party like they did before by dividing into the Covenant and Independent Republicans but they were still GOP — fooling voters duh! The GOP is now using this divide & conquer trick again among themselves and they are trying to round-up the real Independents to join them. Only the “selfish Independents” who only want a seat in office but don’t really care about real power to help the People will take this MALARKEY (nonsense) Independent path that leads to NO WHERE this time. WE the People have learned this trick from our recent history of Independents and WE the People CANNOT afford to be FOOLED by this political play again by GOP candidates disguising themselves in sheep clothing figuratively. Every Independent in this coming mid-term will really be frowned upon by voters who know they are just posturing to get elected by being “selfish and not caring about the Big Political Picture, the GREATER cause and need to cure our dead Democracy. WE the People need, want and deserve a HEALTHY Government after 22 years of living with the GOP’s cancer of corruption that has taken full control of the Executive & Legislative Branches of our Government. 

Most of us older adults know about the wolf disguising himself like a sheep so he could mingle among them and eventually devour them.  Voters can start getting ready for some of the GOP members and even some Independents who want to start their “good-old-boy & nice-guy routines” with a flair of “distaste” for the Governor in private to gaslight voters into voting for them. The Independents have proven themselves to be powerless and NONE of the GOP in the Legislature have really tried to hold our Governor accountable not even for the obvious misuse of OUR money.  In fact, the GOP have ALL, but save ONE, refused to tell us WHAT they did with OUR money — arrogance with disrespect FOR the People they work FOR. They are virtually ALL in the “dog-house” together and some may even cut the ribbon on our new Federal Court House.

The divide & conquer cat is out-of-the-bag on what some Independents and GOP members are planning and they should know they couldn’t keep a secret like this on our small island. It’s a wonder Kandit hasn’t posted something about this political play yet but I’m sure they will eventually. In fact, the Independents and GOP Wolfs are already starting to make their move with advertisement on Social Media for people to vote Independent which is WHY I’m signaling the alarm just like Paul Revere “the Independents & GOP Wolfs are coming”!!!  I know these ads are not talking about all the existing Independents who haven’t even declared they are running as a group and nor under what banner.  These ads could only be about the GOP Independents trying to run an old political play that shouldn’t fool any informed voter. I’m sure some of the GOP will now believe and have to admit I know their Play-book just as good as they do after this.

Voters are literally “prey” for the GOP given they have so much control over Government employees, the support of most big business in the CNMI and control over all the Boards and Commissions in our Commonwealth that the divide & conquer strategy is really a good strategy.  The Independents & GOP’s plan to prey on voters would work like it did the last time because voters didn’t know what was coming thinking these Independents were sheep (harmless) but that trick is rendered futile when the prey (voters) KNOW these Independents and GOP are nothing but wolfs disguised in sheep clothing figuratively. To be continued: One People One Direction for Democrats and the resurrection of our dead Democracy.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.



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