OPINION | Dear FBI on Behalf OF the People FOR JUSTICE!           

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DEAR Federal Bureau of Investigation, on behalf of THOUSANDS of genuinely CONCERNED Citizens I am making this public appeal for you to PLEASE try and expedite the prosecution of Governor Torres and those associated with him in your RICO Investigation.

This is not a complaint but a genuine humble plea as the clouds of uncertainty have been hanging over the CNMI and our Political Arena for an understandably extended period of time due to this pandemic. But the CNMI is about to reopen and more importantly the second most important political elections since the first election for officials is at hand and the clouds of uncertainty will definitely play a major role in the determinations made by voters as to whom they will vote for. WE need for these clouds to be remove or at least disburse to some level that will signal a pending calm figuratively.

I’m sure most of us voters-in-the-cheap-seats understand that you won’t be able to indict and try the Governor and his crew by the mid-terms but at least get the investigation to the point where there are real indictments being served with arrests and pending trials. WE the People only need the “proof of implication in crimes” to make our decisions for these reasons: 1. Given a Federal Judge authorized the search warrants based on the facts that there is already some evidence of possible crimes. 2. Even if the Governor and his crew are not guilty of Federal Crimes, they are certainly in violation of CNMI Law and the Ethics Codes. 3. As long as the Governor is FREE to continue running-around misleading the people and promoting the GOP’s political agenda while the People continue to wait for justice which is really supposed to be “swift and definitive.”

There have been many instances in the history of America when justice came TOO Late to be of any significant importance or meaning to the prior events in question and our mid-terms are just such a case.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important it is for the People to assuredly KNOW that our Governor and others associated with him are either not guilty or guilty in order for the People to make a genuinely informed decision in the pending mid-term elections and the future general election. I’m sure many understand that it will take time to do your due-diligence but we are also hopeful you understand that WE the People truly need some answers BEFORE the mid-terms as to find out afterward will truly be too-late again for justice and WE the People will have to wait at least two more years to do OUR due-diligence in rectifying the Government in the voting booth.

WE the People are also perturbed and extremely disappointed in our Legislature’s refusal to tell us what they did with OUR Money and our AG’s refusal to even investigate. Many of us believe the behavior of our Legislature is illegal that proves the controlling GOP in the Legislature is even part of the Criminal Organization that is being run by our Governor alleged in the RICO Investigation. Never in the history of American Politics to my knowledge have WE seen an Executive (National or State Level) call a “SECRET Meeting” in the Legislature Building (sacred political ground) with ONLY one Party being present — scandalous! IF at all possible, WE the People need for the Feds to include the matter of our Legislature misusing OUR money in your RICO investigation. YOU (the Feds) are actually our ONLY hope for justice because the Legislature won’t investigate the Governor nor itself and our Attorney General has also refused to investigate the mass and gross misuse of OUR money by the Governor and the controlling majority of our Legislature. If the Feds and our AG won’t investigate the Legislature, WE the People will surely be left without any real justice which should NEVER happen in our Democracy that is part of America’s Federal System of Government. I do want to thank the Feds for ALL you do FOR our People but, I must pose the same questions to the Feds that Dr. King posed to me and others in the Civil Rights Movement: “if not YOU (the Feds), then who (will give us justice) and if not now the when (will we get justice).”  One Federal Guardian Agency FOR People One Direction FOR Justice!

The author is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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