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FOR the past 30 years I have pledged myself to educating students academically and socially to be successful in life and I have also been trying to educate the public on what is needed for the CNMI to have a successful economy, a successful government, and how to repair our riddled Social Fabric with real prosperity FOR the People.

Much or in fact MOST of the criticism about my writings have been more about me and my language style — the old kill the messenger to avoid the message. But it should be noted that I have never promoted anything in the newspaper that was a lie. As for the length of my Editorials, personally I think some of you guys are just lazy readers but I understand and will try in the future since you are my followers and THANKS.

It truly needs to be understood that I (Ambrose Milton Bennett) is not the enemy nor the source of adverse controversy but constructive criticism with solutions unlike my critics want readers to think. For the past two decades or more I have been fighting against the all-powerful “conservative ideology” of the GOP which has stymied my success to try and HELP the People.  The GOP Governors and their Crews have continued gaslighting and literally fooling voters to not believe me blocking my attempts to really influence change. I hate to admit the GOP have been successful in overcoming the Democrats and my efforts and the proof is the “PATHETIC” position WE the People are in today economically and socially. But now the great “Casino Experiment” is already proving to be a failure just like I Told You So and the hotel portion is not even finished. Thanks Rep. Tina Sablan for listening to my idea on the Revocation of the Casino Contract as IPI is just Bad-news & Bad-luck. But me saying I Told You So about things like IPI should have created a ground swell and even protest from voters but in the CNMI we have a dead Democracy and Rep. Sablan needs help to have the real POWER to really implement CHANGE. I Told You So is also not meant to be insulting to the People but just a BOLD reminder of what I said but for some Politicians they hate it because it also PROVES they literally FAILED in my classroom of life  because they didn’t listen to the teacher (me) figuratively.

I’ve been offering my opinions for solutions with my credentials to prove I have the education and experiences to offer solutions as I have degrees in Economics, Leadership, Political Science and Sociology but I’m most proud of my degree as an Activist.  But instead of being appreciated the GOP’s emissaries and my critics have done all they could to make my suggested solutions all about me the messenger instead of the message meant to HELP the People. They want to critique & criticize my writing style and have made public appeals for me to prove my 139 IQ, my experiences in the Civil Rights Movement and even tried to assassinate my character by injecting my nearly 40-year-old criminal record.  But thankfully there is “no-shame in my game” (not ashamed of who I am) and thankfully God touched PSS’s Staff who did not see relevance nor me being a threat to students. My wife and I have also both paid a price because I chose to try and help the People —  I pray it was not all for nothing!

I do want to remind readers that I chose the “Epitaph” title not to denigrate the Democrats but as symbolic to what should be written or said about our sad state of a Dead Democracy — a true political fact that we are ALL culpable for, self-included. I can only end the Epitaphs once WE have a healthy Democracy again with a healthy two-party system. But writing is a form of Language ART and with it being an art there are many different styles of writing. I’m sure my “Ali in your face style mixed with religious wisdom, Ebonics and Black slang” is unique to say the least. Many regular readers can even look at the title terminology and look at the CAP WORDS in the writing and know without reading that it is Ambrose M Bennett — a recognized “style” of language arts that some will appreciate or even love like any art but some will also hate. I use the caps to highlight and emphasize certain words that need real emphasis placed upon due to the pure power of that word in context. For example: It was NOT OK for the Governor to give IPI control over OUR Community Chest Funds and now IPI don’t have OUR Money! The caps alone make a genuine point the Governor sold-out the People to IPI that would have cost the Governor his head in the old days. WE were ALL sold-out just like I Told You So which I hope readers can appreciate because this is just more proof that voters need to take back THEIR Government from the GOP!

My style of language art has become a recognizable art style I developed over the years and the official language of Ebonics and the slang used in my culture that has really been accepted and used by millions in America and even parts of the world.  Trying to complain about my use of proper English and punctuations like white folks used to tell the Negros really shows one’s ignorance, acceptance for different forms of language art and even prejudice.  But I just continue to be “in their face” with critics beating them up over the years just like Ali did his opponents because if they had been nice & constructive, I would have been nice but they chose ugly and they got an ugly beating.  FYI critics, I do know how to write a professional letter but this is about LIFE, not a job!

Actually, my “Ali Style” of writing has allowed me to survive the many character assassination attempts. I know my style has been distasteful to some just like Ali’s bragging was disliked by many. My style has also intimidated many politicians who are not true to the People and the real-life game of Politics so they can’t really face me. But we must pray for them because they don’t get it that life itself is a test. I don’t know why or how but God uses people like me to TEST our leaders and believe me there have been a lot of GOP and even some Democrats who have FAILED a real-life test that I posed to them who actually become hatters, not humbled. But it’s OK, I’m a teacher who has seen a lot of failures that eventually were corrected and CHANGED to success. Students are like sponges and soak in learning but some adults seem to forget that we should all be “life-long-learners” (LLL). I just pray the majority of voters have learned their lessons about our Republican Party that has been a FAILURE!

I have taken no real pleasure is raising the mirror that has reflected on politicians, my critics and both Parties to show the mistakes that were and still are being made in our evolution as a Commonwealth. I have also said some “hard-core” things about our leaders because they don’t deserve to lead and the title of “honorable” but I still love them just like a parent will still love their devilish and even criminal child. It’s not personal with me but the no-nonsense BUSINESS OF the People!  The Republicans don’t like me exposing and hammering on what they did wrong and what they failed to do for over 22 years.  But I never lied and our problems are truly ALL the GOP’s fault alone — FACT! I love and have been a Democrat at heart since 1968 (52 years) but I had to tell the TRUTH in order for the Party to  even make a fresh new start by admitting the facts of how the Democrats, self-included, have failed the People in the past. I know losers MUST face their lost and HOW to do better before they can Win — we can’t have shame in our game. I HATE losing and my Epitaphs are just an extra effort this time around to hopefully give the Democrats a better chance at resurrecting our dead Democracy. “If you can’t face the facts that led to your losing then you may never LEARN how to win as losing often comes BEFORE winning, especially if you are a true champion,” Ambrose M. Bennett. Politicians, Ali & Athletes, Dr. King and a million more examples of lost before winning. Albert Einstein also once said: “you can’t fix a problem with the same mentality that caused the problem” so I’m taking a different approach by fighting long before election season in this marathon like we see on the mainland and like I was taught in Political Science.

Those who don’t like for me to say I Told You So which comes from MY culture may not want to face the TRUTH and instead want to complain about my writing style. I’m mainly complaining about our politics and our politicians, not the People so please get your signals right and stay in YOUR lane. I’m just exercising my rights to “Free Speech & Freedom of Expression.” Our Commonwealth will change one voter at a time and sometimes it takes time and in-your-face reality checks “African-American Style” to get the attention needed to educate all the People on what is really coming our way, what is going on behind the scenes and between-the-lines and on what really needs to be done. But more importantly, ANYONE wanting to influence or tell me how to write are literally INFRINGING on my “Art Form” and my RIGHTS to FREEDOM of SPEECH & EXPRESSION which is definitely disrespectful and certainly not professional. I don’t think anyone tries to tell a painter how they should paint THEIR picture. So, I will end this explanation about my writing with the title of a Frank Sinatra song: “I did it MY Way,” not yours as “tolerance of one’s rights” is imbedded in the cornerstone of our Democratic Republic. One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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