OPINION | Epitaph 125:  GOP leaders, I told you so! 

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THE recent HORRIFIC move to take money (25,000) from our student scholars under the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance Program to give to the Cannabis Commission who is supposed to be a “Revenue Generating Source,” not a parasite preying on our children is another example of irresponsible leaders who don’t listen!

There is also the RIDICULOUS attempt by the Mayor to implement an unnecessary “redundant address system” because we already have the Street Names and the equivalent of an Address System. But the Saipan Mayor is still asking for 200 Thousand to pay for Street Addresses that we can get for FREE! Both of these decisions reek of irresponsibility at a time when WE the People need RESPONSIBLE Leadership the MOST!

The GOP leaders should really be tired by now of me saying I Told You So but I keep using the phrase because that is what my MaDear used to tell me and it finally sunk in that genuine wisdom and advise should be embraced, as she would say: “I should only need to tell you ONE TIME Ambrose Milton Bennett for you to learn your lesson” and if I didn’t listen & learn I could look forward to another spanking and I Told You So.  Well, our leaders are far more hard-headed than I ever was as a youth and it is really a matter of Public Record, of the many times I was able to say I Told You So.  I Told Them So on HOW to fund the Cannabis & Hemp Industries without using a penny in Local funding. I also told the Mayor’s office in this paper on MORE than one occasion on how an Executive Order declaring our Lot Numbers to also be our address, which would solve the problem and it can be done FREE of Charge to the People with an Executive Order or a Bill.

If you guys are not hard-headed then you have to be just down right arrogant or LAZY to ignore the 100s of millions waiting to be invested in the Cannabis Industries and the sound and proven use of our Lot Numbers that work PERFECTLY for every delivery service on island and we even have maps already, duh! WHY in the world is the Mayor is trying to use OUR Money when we have a system and there are too many people who don’t even have a job anymore! I literally gave the Governor and the 19th Senate the “Play-book” for starting our Cannabis & Hemp Industries using “Investors’ Funding” and it seems like they took only a few things out of my original “Analysis & Recommendations” and threw the rest into-the-trash. WHAT is the estimated time for the opening of the Dispensaries? WHAT is the status of the Lab and the CNMI Cannabis Strains as this is a “self-starting industry”? Why in the world is the Northern Delegation taking money unnecessarily and why is the Mayor still pushing the funding for an Address Program we don’t need — basta, ENOUGH of this foolishness!

I have been pushing the use of Lot Numbers for our address over 10 years after meeting our Post Master who said “the CNMI could not even consider mail delivery to homes without street names and addresses.” I started the quest for addresses because it would lead to a better quality of life as people would no longer have to buy gas to go to the Post Office and it would create many good paying Federal Jobs for Locals.  WE have the Street Names and we have Lot Numbers but I have been getting opposition from the Mayor’s office ever-since. The Mayor has NEVER explained why his proposal for addresses is so much better nor why the Lot Numbers won’t work. He just continues to ignore me thinking I am the only one with COMMON SENSE. I will be the first to say he is doing a good job in other areas but he is totally WRONG to keep pushing this un-necessary and foolish cost on the People — WHY can’t the Mayor just tell the Legislature WE the People Already Have an Address System with a  Map!!!  Why can’t we have a Public Hearing on this to expose the underlying factors? The Mayor is trying to re-invent the mainland’s system in the CNMI with his “Directional Oriented System” that won’t even work properly in the CNMI because unlike the cities on the mainland where the majority of the streets run in the Cardinal Directions, in the CNMI virtually NONE of our streets follow the Cardinal Directions, duh and HELLER! Every driver will need to virtually know ALL 12 of the “Intermediate Directions” and the street names to find a location, as virtually none of our streets run in a TRUE Cardinal Directions (see Compass Rose below).  But by using the Lot Number System one only needs to find the village as the Lot Numbers are sequential and not duplicated in each village — heck you don’t even need to know the street name, just follow the numbers — a simple solution the Mayor wants to ignore.

Saipan streets run in all these 12 different directions unlike the streets on the mainland that run mostly N, S, E, and W.

Citizens, I’m fighting for YOU and I really need your help with speaking UP and OUT about these two issues. You can protest by simply picking up your phone and calling your Representative or Senator to complain about this WASTE of OUR Money!  I think most readers already know the real problem for the Cannabis Commission, which is the GOP powers-that-be would rather make a deal with the devil than let it be known Ambrose M. Bennett saved the CNMI Hundreds of Thousands and even millions over time by providing the plan for the success of our Cannabis & Hemp Industries, especially when the Hemp Industry idea was SOLELY Ambrose M. Bennett. It’s not arrogance but like my mother taught me and so did Ali, “sometimes you have to toot-your-own-horn because no one will do it for you.”   But the same is also true with the Address Plan, as the Mayor & Legislature would rather pay 200k of OUR Money to a hand-picked Contractor for a system that  we don’t need and won’t even work properly than for it to be known Ambrose M Bennett provided a better Address System while saving the CNMI 200k.

These are just two more examples of the highly QUESTIONABLE HORRIFIC and RIDICULOUS Republican leadership we are under that needs to CHANGE. WE need a leadership that will EMBRACE the true DIVERSITY of the CNMI letting things stand on their merits and quality, not POLITICS.  I hope readers will take note of the Democrat signs going up because they ALL tell the TRUTH about the need for real CHANGE as our present leaders just refuse to LISTEN to the very People they work for — you & me. To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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