OPINION | Epitaph 127: Too MUCH, Too LITTLE, Too LATE – GOP

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I SAID the GOP was waiting for Election Season to start “Putting-on-a-Show” like they are really governing and maintaining a real check & balance on our Governor and the Governor claims its “People over Politics.”

Well, the show has begun. I just hope most voters know its ONLY a show because it has been TOOOO much politics by the GOP with TOOOO little accountability that is TOOOO late to be of any significance in changing the minds and hearts of voters who are ALREADY sick & tired of the Republicans after 22 years of THEIR rule!

There was entirely TOOO MUCH politics ever since Governor Torres took office starting with his refusal to allow for a Special Election so he could be guaranteed the Governor’s seat. There was TOOOO MUCH Politics with the Casino starting with its very conception that went against the voice of the People who voted “NO” two different times. There has been TOOOO MUCH politics in the Legislature who FAILED miserably to “Protect our money & Serve our needs” by not charging taxes to the Casino and even letting the Governor get away with literally GIVING IPI our 37 Million to control that they don’t have anymore.  There has been entirely TOOOO MUCH politics by the Governor using OUR Money that was really meant to promote the Republican Party like the recent 4th of July Celebration that was BY & FOR the GOP and the Governor’s Family-outing to the Northern Islands that won’t entice a mosquito to the CNMI — TOOOO much Governor.

IT is certainly TOOOO LITTLE of an effort in Governing to say “teachers or retirees must SUFFER” which was a result of poor governing over our purse and just a carry-over of the TOOOO MUCH Politics. It is certainly TOOO Little to now try and take back the Mariana Resort, especially under these pandemic conditions leaving the People stuck with a “White-elephant” literally. It is TOOO LITTLE to say “the People over Politics” when the Governor was spending OUR money illegally for his hunting trips and visits to his family in Idaho. He should have been doing something FOR the People all along instead of covering for IPI — it is TOOOO LITTLE TOOOO LATE Governor to try and act like you care about us folks-in-the-cheap-seats.

But most of all, it is TOOOO LATE for the Governor and the Legislature to try and act like their Politics don’t matter especially when the so-call investigation of the Governor should have been completed MONTHS ago as it was only about “documents already in the procession of the Legislature,”  duh!  I am willing to bet there won’t be a final determination on the Governor misusing OUR money until AFTER the election — it’s just more GOP Politics.  It’s also TOOOO LATE for those in the Legislature to try and pretend with an investigation that should INCLUDE most of the members in the Legislature who REFUSED to tell us what they did with OUR money. I’m sure most voters will not forgive nor forget this arrogant and disrespectful act by the GOP.

I think most of the voters with common sense who have kept up with what the Governor and the Legislature were DOING and FAILED to DO already know that what they are doing now is really TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE, and TOO LATE! To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.


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