OPINION | Epitaph 129: Republican LOYALTY – OOPS & Thanks

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I TOLD the entire CNMI on more than one occasion that “LOYALTY” was one of the main requirements to keep your job under the Republicans and its really common knowledge.

But thanks to the tenacity and dedication of Rep. Tina Sablan the Commissioner of DPS actually BROKE under pressure. His testimony reminded me of how the Detectives get defendants “in-the-box” (interrogation room) and the criminal eventually says something that ties his fate to the crime, which is why attorneys tell the people they represent “DO NOT SAY ONE WORD.” Maybe the Commissioner should have pleaded the 5th because he really stuck his foot in his own mouth and literally EXPOSED our Republicans for what they really are about (loyalty seekers, not talented people) — a bunch of Political Co-conspirators and even criminals when it comes to the Governor, the Speaker and a few others in the GOP. I can’t wait for the FBI to finish and I can visit our NEW Federal Building to see the GOP defendants on trial with U-know-who being the main attraction.

With an IQ of 139, I don’t miss too many details regardless of how small and for me it took the slip-of-the-lip with only ONE WORD for the Commissioner to send himself, the Governor and the GOP Party down the drain and that word was LOYALTY!!! WHEN is loyalty required to keep a job? HOW does anyone fire a person based on their LOYALTY? Loyalty firings and furloughs only take place when it’s a question of a person’s POLITICAL LOYALTY to our Republicans. WE the People have known this for years but never had the proof but thanks to the Commissioner who buckled under Rep. Sablan’s pressure. You-go-girl, as we say, we now have proof of the unwritten loyalty requirement, which is for SURE an ETHICAL VIOLATION and may be even criminal coming straight from the horse’s-mouth figuratively. Commissioner Guerrero said: “he decided who to furlough based on performance and LOYALTY and then switched to deniability by putting it on funding and him not being involved. But his switch in rational was toooo late which is why he threaten to “be done.” He is lucky I wasn’t the one he was talking to because I would have told him “OK, just leave your badge & gun because we don’t want our DPS officers to be LOYAL to YOU Commissioner but to OUR Constitution and Laws.” He just admitted being the cause of one of the biggest problems at DPS as officers and personnel continue to ask me to write about how awful it is to work at DPS because of the Politics. WE the People should be sick-and-tired of a LOYALTY Run Government — please vote Democrat.

People ask me to write about issues all the time because many in the silent majority WANT me to say something and this “LOYALTY Issue” has been on my plate for a very long time and the furloughs made it even more pertinent that this LOYALTY thing be exposed and STOPPED at DPS. I don’t know who else caught the big Loyalty BOO-BOO by our Commissioner but for sure the-cat-is-out-the-bag now and those who were transferred & furloughed at DPS need to be reassessed by a “special prosecutor” given no AG was involved — for TRUE!  My wife actually didn’t want me to write about this because she was AFRAID the Commissioner might put his goons on me for something but I assured her that exposing this in the news is WHAT the People NEED & WANT and anything illegal against me, especially as an African-American in the CNMI could be subject to the Federal “Hate-Crime” laws which put her at rest. We can’t be AFRAID to expose the injustices in America, especially when its being done by the very People who swore to Protect & Serve the People and our Constitutions, which is how America and the World has gotten to this “I can’t breathe moment” in history that must stop.

 The Office of Personnel Management may have been involved in the furlough process, but there is no assistant attorney general permanently assigned to DPS —which means the Commissioner could pretty much do what he wanted to do because there are no real “checks & balances” which is a common thing that has gone on under our Republicans for over two decades. Heck, the Commissioner knew nothing was going to happen to him and we all know the Governor has his hand over the Commissioner’s head so “it-is-what-it-is” — all about LOYALTY in our Government, for TRUE!  To be continued: One People, One Direction.

The writer is a retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar) and a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar who resides in Kagman III.


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