Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 72: Democrats at a perfect place in space & time

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THE Keynote speaker (Dr. & lieutenant colonel Retired) Lawrence F. Camacho said it all for the Democrats at the General Membership meeting when he said “we at the perfect place in space and time” as he went on to explain how critically IMPORTANT it is for the Democrats to carpe diem (seize this moment) given the prevailing concerns of the People in regards to the GOP and the present administration and corruption not to mention the many other FAILURES of the GOP to truly progress the CNMI socially and economically.

We only have some new roads, more traffic lights and a few esthetic changes but basically, WE the People are still were we were when I arrived here in 1989. This is why we have seen a constant migration of locals to the mainland, especially our youth who want the American Dream that was SUPPOSED to be happening here but it ain’t happening under the GOP. We are all at the perfect place in space and time to revive our Dead Democracy with a rejuvenated Democrat Party!

I really wish the entire CNMI could have heard Dr. Camacho as it was so uplifting for me and I’m sure it was for others as I actually had goose-bumps of joy to see what greatness can really be unfolding to be seen on the horizon for the People and OUR Commonwealth. With the Democrats I can speak proudly in saying OUR’s because the Democrats is the Party of real DIVERSITY so if you are not a Local you would have been right with me having goose-bumps knowing that it might be possible to have a government that truly cares about EVERYONE in the CNMI and not just Locals who are also discriminated against because of their “family ties or lack thereof.” Citizens from the mainland will now have an opportunity to vote for the “People’s Party” in future elections knowing that your well-being is just as important as everyone else’s. People from other parts of the Pacific who have gain U.S. citizenship can also be glad that the Democrat Party will be working and fighting for you.

The GOP is for Locals ONLY which is one of the main reasons they could never get us out of red and into the black economically and socially as the GOP has been self-serving only giving good jobs to THEIR people regardless of their LACK of education and qualifications. In fact, they ran out of “GOP Forever People” and have been in a recycling mode for the past seven years under Torres. There are entirely too many locals (over 65 percent) who are still living at POVERTY levels and its ALL the GOP’s fault after two decades of complete power and control over our CNMI the poverty level has continued to go UP which is NOT a sign of PROSPERITY but failure! The rich got richer and the poor got poorer under the GOP but all of that is now on the horizon to be CHANGED as the Democrats are at the perfect place in time to FIX-IT!

The Democrat Party is not called the “People’s Party — OF, FOR and BY the People” for a joke as that’s just a true fact. When you look at the People in the Democrat Party you will find a variety of races, a variety of professionals and working people with a mixture of people who come from different economic levels that make up the fabric of America and our CNMI. While the GOP has been for Locals only, I have said it on more than one occasion that “Locals will NEVER find prosperity for themselves alone as we will ALL find real prosperity together or continue to flounder like fools in the soup of racism.” Just think if the GOP had been open to outsiders like myself and truly listened to HALF of what I have been saying over the years HALF of all those I Told You So would have been erased which is just one of the true virtues of DIVERSITY — a different mind-set that can be invaluable, especially when it comes from someone like myself who has experienced and BEEN where the People of the CNMI are trying to go!

Readers need to be reminded that it was the Democrat Party that CREATED our Commonwealth by seeking a Political Status with America, as the Republicans were totally AGAINST the NMI even being a Commonwealth. It is important that all voters who are truly concerned, care and want a better government to support the Democrats this time and the next time in the voting booth. The reorganization of the Democrat Party at this point in time can only be perceived as true hope for a BETTER Government with BETTER People at the helm and on-deck literally. One of the things that really touched me when I was having goose-bumps again seeing some of our Independents at the Democrat meeting which gave me even MORE hope for “new beginnings for the Party and a new day FOR the People.” It is no secret that I have literally been begging for the Independents to join the Democrat Party. While there was no formal commitment by any of the Independents they have to be thinking “this is the place in space and time where I can truly join a team and make a real difference while gaining real power in our Government to get things done for the People. Having sitting elected officials in the Party will make a very big difference and its even cost-effective for Independents to join the Democrat Party Team. The last thing WE the People need to see is the Democrats having to fight the Independents and the GOP which will literally give the GOP the advantage. We are really ALL at the perfect place in time and space to finally have a healthy and honest Democracy but WE need UNITY in every aspect of the Political Arena from the leadership to the people on the front lines working for the People and among voters to restore our Government to truly be OF, FOR and BY the People. One People One Direction for the Democrat Party!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.

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