Rae Camacho wins Marianas Cup gold

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RAE Camacho lifted her way to the top of the women’s 81kg category with a strong performance in the snatch and clean & jerk during the Northern Marianas Cup Weightlifting Tournament at the multi-purpose center on Saturday.

Regina Camacho holds the clean as she preps for the jerk during  Saturday’s Northern Marianas Cup Weightlifting Tournament at the multi-purpose center.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr. 
Regina Camacho, 2nd left, and Danica Guevarra, 2nd right, pose with  Latte Built owner Derek Cutting and CNMI Weightlifting Federation’s John Davis.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

Camacho started off with a snatch of 45kg (99lbs) and a near-perfect lift. She then added 5kg to up the ante and succeeded with a flawless transition. She completed her third attempt with a total of 55kg (121lbs) which turned out to be her best lift.

Her opponent, Danica Guevarra, started with 35kg (77lbs) and worked her way with five more in her second attempt and 45kg (99lbs) in her third and final attempt which was her best lift as well.

The clean & jerk portion of the tournament was no different as both competitors continued to wow the judges and spectators alike.

Camacho kept the steady pace in the first two attempts starting at 65kg (143lbs) and then 70kg (154lbs). During her third attempt at 75kg (165lbs), she could not complete the lift and had to drop the weights at the jerk. Her second attempt at 70kg was her best lift.

Guevarra started off at 50kg (110lbs). She decided to push through the second attempt with 60kg (132lbs) which she completed. But she dropped her third attempt of 65kg (143lbs).

Camacho won the gold while Guevarra settled for the silver.

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