Tudela, five others win Marianas Cup gold

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JOEY Tudela gave a good show during the Northern Marianas Cup Weightlifting Tournament on Saturday at the multi-purpose center as he and five others topped their respective categories.

Joey Tudela, who topped the 81kg division,  closes his eyes in relief after successfully lifting the snatch  during Saturday’s Northern Marianas Cup Weightlifting Tournament at the multi-purpose center in Susupe.
Brandon Regis completes the snatch during Saturday’s Northern Marianas Cup Weightlifting Tournament at the multi-purpose center in Susupe. Regis placed first in the 67kg division.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr. 

In the snatch section Tudela started off with 85kg (187lbs) and added five more kgs during the second and third attempts, 90kg (198lbs) and 95kg (209lbs). His third attempt was his best performance.

He then moved onto the Clean & Jerk and tested his might by starting off at 100kg (220lbs) and going 105kg (231lbs) before falling short in his third attempt of 110kg (242lbs). His second attempt was his best lift.

With a total of 200kg he won the gold medal.

Coming in at second was Joshua Diaz who started off with 70kg and reached 80kg during his snatch. He then powered his way through the Clean & Jerk with 95kg and 100kg before failing to complete 105kg.

Arvin Velasco made it to the top three after he held a steady pace with his best snatch coming at 73kg and his Clean & Jerk ending at 107kg with no errors.

Rodrigo Ada, for his part, outshined three other competitors in the 89kg category to win the gold. Despite falling short during his second attempt at 85kg, he made it up in his third attempt with a clean lift at 85kg. During the Clean & Jerk he added more weight starting off at 99kg (218lbs) and pushing for 104kg before ending at 108kg for his third and final attempt.

Coming in at second place was Aaron Pamintuan with an 85kg for his best snatch and 95kg for his best Clean & Jerk attempt. In third place was Jocaz Diaz while Deoin Sabino was fourth.

The third battle for gold was won by David Barnhouse who dominated the 109kg category. He snatched a high 110kg and a Clean & Jerk of 135kg for a total of 245kg to take first place with ease.

Coming in at second place was Tristin Muna while Limuel Bernal finished third.

Also winning the gold was Joshua Meneses who topped the 73kg by besting Alfredo Guevarra.

Angel San Nicolas and Brandon Regis were the sole contestants in the 96kg and 67kg categories.

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