Karate master trains Tsunami Saipan swimmers

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ON Jan. 24 and 25, the swimmers of Tsunami Saipan experienced a different kind of training under Mizuki Kato, a Kyokusin Kaikan karate master.

The owner of a karate gym in Japan and a finalist in his country’s karate championships, Kato taught Saipan swimmers how to perform exercises including a special stretch. During their dry land training, they also received lessons on Tsuki (punch), Keri (kick) as well as defensive moves.

Kick training is good for swimmers

A group picture with Master Kato. The swimmers swam to cool down after their karate training.  Photos by James Sablan Jr.

In addition, the swimmers had a taste of a karate activity known as the Ita Wari which involves punching a wooden board until it breaks. The swimmers first wrote down their goals on the board and then, one by one, they shouted out their goals as they punch the board.

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