Tsunami Saipan looks forward to re-opening of former Kan Pacific pool

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SAIPAN’S only Olympic-size pool has been closed since Oct. 1, 2018, local swimmers have never stopped hitting the waters — practicing in open water or in pools when they can. But with Saipan hosting the 2021 Pacific Mini Games, the swimmers are hoping that the former Kan Pacific Swimming Pool in Marpi will be re-opened soon. Here are some of their remarks shared by Tsunami Saipan head coach Hiro Kimura via email:

• “With the Marpi pool, I definitely believe that it is the best way to test our performance level in a competitive situation.” — Joseph Zhang

• “I hope they reopen Marpi pool so that swimmers around the world may compete in that pool and make their histories on the island of Saipan.” — Shoko Litulumar

• “If Marpi pool reopens, I feel like I can practice better there. Especially diving.” — Michelle Chen

Mount Carmel School’s Quina Flores takes a breather as she swims for the finish line during an event of the SSC All School Swim Meet, 200 LC Meter Freestyle Relay in 2017 at the Kan Pacific Swimming Pool.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

• “We have dreams of accomplishing our goals and representing our island in future meets. We can make records and have more meets like before.” — Aoi Braxton

• “I hope that we can at least use the pool as a competition venue for us to have future swim meets and represent our island.” — Nelson Batallones

• “I hope the Marpi pool will open again because that pool is sort of like our second home. It is where our generation and the past generations have started swimming, practiced, improved, and beaten high records. The Marpi pool is Tsunami Saipan’s place of origin.” — Julia Jinang

• “To compete with other swimmers, it is necessary for us to practice at a competition pool. Racing start skills, turn skills and many skills — we can try them only at competition pool. Reopening Marpi pool or building a new pool — either is very welcome for NMI swimming.” — Head Coach Kimura

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