Antoni Ogumoro keeps the legacy alive

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ANTONI Kade Aguon Ogumoro is a rising basketball star who aims to keep his family’s legacy alive.

Antoni Ogumoro poses with Drew Hanlen, NBA skills coach.  Contributed photo
Antoni Ogumoro, right, and his father, former national basketball player Ambrose Ogumoro.  Contributed photo

The 13-year-old athlete is the grandson of Rufino Aguon, a former NMI national basketball team coach. Antoni’s parents are former national basketball player Ambrose Ogumoro and former national volleyball player Mayumi Aguon.

As a member of an athletic family, there was no doubt that Antoni would become an athlete. “My dad used to shoot outside our house in California with me when I was 5 years old and I eventually developed a love for the game. I started playing in the Military Youth League when I was 10,” Antoni told Variety.

Playing the position of center/power forward, he made a name for himself in California, Florida and Hawaii. He represented Hawaii in the Youth Basketball of America National Championship in 2017 and 2018. He won the student-athlete academic award as well. He was selected to the Youth Basketball of America National Championship All Tournament Team and was named MVP seven times. Moreover, he made it to the Elite Basketball Circuit Class of 2025 Mountain West Players Watchlist and received the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Commander Award for outstanding volunteer work in the community by setting up a basketball clinic toy drive.

On Saipan, he played in the recent Tan Holdings Christmas Basketball Tournament.

Antoni said he owes his accomplishments to his parents. “They are my role models because they push me to be better not only on the court but off of it as well. They teach the student-first, athlete-second mindset and I believe that’s true because without education, I won’t go far in this sport.”

Athleticism is in the blood, he added. “Both my Aguon and Ogumoro families have been involved in and around sports throughout the years, and I just feel it’s only right to keep that tradition alive. I will continue to keep working and practicing the game and hopefully with that mentality I can reach the next level.”

Antoni said he also looks up to NBA stars Zion Williamson, Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James for their sheer explosiveness.

While on island, Antoni continues to tune his skills by training with Coach Walter Mendez, Coach Sean Macaranas, Coach Elias Rangamar and with his grandfather, Rufino Ogumoro.

He also gets help from the BBJ Athletics team. “He is our first BBJ Athletics youth phenom in basketball,” Gold’s Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz said. “We hope to assist with his journey, similar to what we have accomplished with Pro MMA fighter Kelvin Fitial, national paddler Maverick Itibus and national weightlifter Athlete of the Year Rodrigo Ada.”

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