Girls Rocball kicks off

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(Press Release) — The Rocball games at Marianas High School have been reignited with seven girl’s teams.

A high school student preps for the underhand serve during the opening of the Girls Rocball League at the MHS gym.  Contributed photo

They are playing in a round robin, three-game elimination schedule. The teams registered to play are the Dolphin Ladys, the Sisterhood, the Noobs, IHT (I’d Hit That), Setsy Ladies, Fam Bam, and team Yessir. The girl’s Rocball teams completed their practice games the first week of February.

The Lady Dolphins and Sisterhood played the first game of the season. The Lady Dolphins defeated the Sisterhood under the rules of Rocball’s quarter/set system by “Juicing-Out” the Sisterhood in four sets.

The Hapdei Sisters were the Lady Dolphins and the games top scorers with combinations of court points (as in volleyball) and Rocball’s 2 point serves (aces & Xunks), 2 point back court plays (kees), and 3 points goals. The Lady Dolphins scored 14 multiple plays.

In game two of last week’s Rocball games, The Noobs “Juiced” Fam Bam in four sets. The Noobs scored an impressive 10 aces, 5 xunks, and 3 kees in their win over Fam Bam. Tarsila Balbin of the Noobs was the games heavy hitter scoring 4 aces, 2 xunks, and 3 kees.

The Setsy Ladies defeated IHT in four sets in a game where the players looked like they were playing volleyball on a Rocball court. There were only 6 aces and 1 kee scored by both teams. And it looked like the players were locked into volleyball’s three hit system and setting up plays that resulted in scoring more than one point per play was an accident. “Old habits are hard to break” but, they are good volleyball players.

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