Jinnosuke Suzuki rules 5k in Meek & Mighty

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AGE is really just a number and young Jinnosuke Suzuki proved it as he blew past the competition to top the 5k challenge of the 14th Meek & Mighty Swim at the Kanoa Resort beach on Saturday.

Jinnosuke Suzuki nears the finish line in the 5k category of the 14th Meek & Mighty Swim at the Kanoa Resort beach on Saturday.
Maria Batallones finishes first in the 3k category of the 14th Meek & Mighty Swim at the Kanoa Resort beach on Saturday.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr. 

Suzuki and the rest of the swimmers had a grueling experience as they had to round the four checkpoints in the open water five times to complete the race.

However, that did not keep Suzuki from pushing onward as he never slowed down. Reaching the final lap of the race, Suzuki was challenged by Isaiah Aleksenko who trailed closely behind. But with no signs of stopping, Suzuki poked through the water to get the two-minute advantage and crossed the finish line with a time of 51:23.06 to claim the top prize.

Aleksenko finished second overall and second in the men’s category with a time of 53:29.76 and was followed by Nelson Jay Batallones in third place with a time of 59:11.96.

It took a while before the girls started to close in as four other male swimmers made their way past the finish line. But when Shoko Litulumar reached the shore, she quickly made her way to victory with a time of 01:27.76. Asaka Litulumar was only seconds behind clocking in at 01:29.76 while Jinie Thompson was third with a time of 01:36.52.

In the 3k category, Kouki Watanabe finished strong in first place in the men’s division with a time of 38:07.09. He managed to slip past former Saipan Swim Club coach Jacoby Winkfield who was second with a time of 40:45.41 while Andrew Nunez was third at 43:07.12.

For her part, Maria Batallones came in first overall in the women’s category with a minute to spare, reaching the shore at 37:14.57. Sarah Vander Wal was second, clocking in at 42:42.32 while Savita Sikkel was not far behind with a time of 42:57.13.

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