Shirley’s, TanHoldings notch soccer wins

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SHIRLEY’S Football Club and the TanHoldings Football Club are off to a great start in the U13 coed division of the Youth League Spring 2020 after beating their respective adversaries on Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Shirley’s had a tough game but its players managed to pull through by edging the Kanoa Football Club 4-3.

It was a fairly even match at first as both teams exchanged attacks with each nearly connecting a shot. After 14 minutes of play it was SFC that drew first blood thanks to Haro Bannetton who scored a goal for the lead. SFC’s spotlight did not shine long, however, as Kanoa immediately pushed for the goal and found Paul Lizama open for the finish to even the score 1-1.

In the second half, Kanoa played with more aggression and eventually overwhelmed SFC at the 38th minute mark with Rooney Gil sinking the shot to snatch control 2-1.

Shirley’s Haro and two Kanoa defenders chase after the loose ball during Saturday’s opening game of the Youth League Spring 2020 U13 coed division at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr.

It did not take long for SFC to recover as its players made up for their lack of defense with offense and found their second wind to return fire three minutes later with Bennetton’s second goal of the day. Bennetton’s shot seemed to have motivated the rest of the team as they continued to put the pressure, adding two more goals at the 54th and 55th minute marks, both coming from Branson Santos, to take back the lead 4-2.

Kanoa tried to stay alive and connected with its third goal but it wasn’t enough. SFC won, 4-3.

The TanHoldings Football Club shared a similar story as it held down MP United Football Club 2-1.

It was a great start for THFC as its players never stopped moving or sending a volley of shots. After countless attempts, MPU failed to control the ball, resulting in a shot in its own goal to hand THFC the point. MPU was able to hold down THFC for most of the first half but suffered another mishap when it left Andrei Chavez open to connect the second goal for THFC before heading into halftime.

Down 0-2, MPU did fight back and quickly maneuvered through THFC’s line of defense at the start of the second half with Ian Song slicing through the net to break the silence 1-2. But that was the end of MPU’s show as THFC secured victory.

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