MP United, Paire beat opponents in women’s soccer

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MP United Football Club and Paire Football Club are one step ahead of the competition in the Dove Women Masters League Spring 2020 after defeating their adversaries, Sunday, Feb. 16, at the TSL Sports Complex.

MP United’s Julie Hall dribbles forward during Sunday’s game of the Dove Womens Masters League Spring 2020 at the TSL Sports Complex.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr. 

MPU powered its way to victory against the Kanoa Football Club, 4-1.

Kanoa was the first to draw blood as it caught MPU off guard with a quick push that allowed Melanie Santos to score. But MPU flipped the script and found its first goal four minutes later for a 1-1 deadlock. Kanoa then adjusted to the pace keeping MPU off its back but failed to match up offensively, staying quiet for the remainder of the first half. MPU, for its part, maintained pressure and eventually found the back of the net at the 20th minute mark as Erlinda Shimizu gave her team the lead, 2-1.

Kanoa continued to struggle during the second half as its players were forced to play defense. MPU worked as a team constantly attacking the weakside with Heather Zona capitalizing at the 26th minute mark to put the game further out of reach. She did not stop there as she earned her second consecutive goal at the 48th minute mark to take down Kanoa, 4-1.

Paire FC took the second game of the day by shutting down the TanHoldings Football Club, 5-0.

After a swift goal at the third minute mark by PFC’s Shawna Brennfleck, THFC players stayed on their toes, keeping the one-point distance for the remainder of the first half.

However, at the second half, THFC could not keep up with PFC’s speed as its players moved the ball with precision starting with Brennfleck who scored her second straight goal at the 28th minute mark, She was followed by Natalie Hill-Beyer and Lindsay Davis who chipped in a shot each while Brennfleck completed the hat-trick to triumph with ease to give her team a 5-0 victory.

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