Taotao Guafi pounds Full Force in softball tourney

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DFEMS-TAOTAO Guafi scored their first victory in the 2020 Islandwide Co-ed Bud Light Softball League after torching MOT-Full Force, 24-15, on Tinian.

Taotao Guafi played well, gathering momentum early in the high-scoring game. Full Force managed to cut down the deficit but could not deny Taotao Guafi from making another rally to stretch the gap leading to a 24-15 victory.

Taotao Gaufi members pose with their banner during the opening of the 2020 Islandwide Co-ed Bud Light Softball League.  Contributed photo

In the second game of the day, the CPA-Hustlers slipped past DPW-Grounders 9-8.

The last team to join the celebration was Five 0 which defeated the Cruz Family-Udan, 12-8.

Marpac is the co-sponsor of the league.

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