TanHoldings defeats Shirley’s 4-1

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THE TanHoldings Football Club, now with three victories, remains undefeated in the U13 Coed Division of the Youth League Spring 2020 after defeating Shirley’s Football Club, 4-1, on Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

TanHoldings’ Mark Costales protects the ball as a defender closes in  during a game of the Youth League Spring U13 Coed Division at the NMI Soccer Training Center.  Photo by James F. Sablan Jr. 

It was SFC that scored the first goal of the day courtesy of Bennetton Haro.

However, SFC had the spotlight but for only a brief moment as THFC took over in the remainder of the game.

After five minutes of scuffle, THFC’s Mark Ryan Costales evened the score 1-1. He completed the hat-trick with two more goals at the 19th and 22nd minute marks to give his team a 3-1 advantage at the end of the first half.

The second half was no different as THFC remained in control. SFC tried to defend its end of the field, but THFC’s Christian Lucero managed to slip by at the 65th minute mark to add the icing on his team’s cake, 4-1.

For its part, the Kanoa Football Club showed that hard work pays off after escaping defeat against the Matansa Football Club to force a draw, 5-5.

MFC made its first goal in the very first minute, thanks to Wataru Kadokura. KNFC then returned fire, but MFC’s aggressiveness squeezed in two more goals to give Matansa control, 3-1.

KNFC continued to put up a fight with Lizama chipping in another goal, but MFC scored two more goals courtesy of Justin Camacho to complete the hat-trick and hold a comfortable 5-2 distance.

Despite MFC’s strong first half performance, its player were nowhere to be seen in the second half. KNFC picked up the pace on the defensive end completely shutting down MFC. Peter Quidato then ignited a run to score the team’s third goal. The rest of the team kept the fire burning as two more goals were made by Rigel Devey and Lizama to force a draw against MFC 5-5.

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