The MARIANAS tops fishing tourney

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THE MARIANAS won the $2,000 first prize in the inaugural Wahoo in the Marianas fishing tournament by reeling in a 33.6 lbs catch on Saturday at the Smiling Cove Marina.

Members of team MARIANAS celebrate after topping the inaugural Wahoo in the Marianas Fishing Tournament on Saturday at the Smiling Cove Marina.  Photos by James F. Sablan Jr.

The MARIANAS’ first catch was already its ride to first place but its crew pulled in two more: 16.6 lbs and 19.2 lbs.

Sea Infection, which returned to the dock just before the 5 p.m. deadline, brought back a 32.7 lbs catch to finish second and win the $1,500 prize. Sea Infection’s other Wahoo weighed15.3 lbs.

Rainbow Runner, which received the $1,000 third prize, brought in a 28.4 lbs Wahoo along with a second fish that weighed 18.7 lbs.

In the overall weight category, Victoria claimed the $500 prize for reeling in three Wahoos that weighed from 24.4 lbs to 27.3 lbs.

Richson Mungwaath, a member of the SSHS Fishing Club and a tournament coordination committee official, said: “The event was great. We had a total of 51 boat entries so we would like to thank the community for coming out and helping us support our first tournament.” The SSHS student added. “I honestly did not expect this much competition so I am really grateful for the community’s support.”

He said the organizers chose a Wahoo tournament “because we have not had any Wahoo tournaments recently so hopefully this will become an annual event.”

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