Amari’s Hustlers take lead in SBA Tuesday League

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AMARI’S Hustlers are leading the Tuesday Division of the Saipan Billiards Association Budweiser Open 8-Ball League after defeating Bamboo Club 88 Str8Ball on Tuesday at the Saipan Vegas Bamboo Bar.

Amari’s MJD Marianas Water and 9Eleven DECM Wizards pose for a photo after their match in the Tuesday Division of the SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball League at the Saipan Vegas Bamboo Bar.  Contributed photo

The Hustlers grasped the early lead thanks to Albert Pangilinan and Rowel Mariano who pulled away with a 2-1 run in the opening Singles 8-Ball match. Str8Ball fired back with teamwork to even the score 2-2 by claiming the single round in the Partners 8-Ball match. However, the Hustlers bounced back as their individual performances were unmatched. They swept all three rounds in the second Singles 8-Ball match led by Juancho Mendoza, Joey Lucido and Robert Sanciangco to stay ahead 5-2.

Str8Ball continued to work as a team to notch another win in the Partners 8-Ball match but the Hustlers stayed on their toes, collecting four wins in the next three matches to triumph, 9-4.

The MJD Marianas Water had a tougher battle that same night but emerged victorious against the 9Eleven DECM Wizards, 8-5.

It was a seesaw battle with Marianas Water in the lead 3-1 after the first two matches. But the Wizards took over the second Singles 8-Ball match and the Partners 8-Ball match to reach a 4-4 deadlock.

But despite the Wizards’ valiant efforts, they were completely shut down in the third singles matches as Marianas Water claimed victory, 8-5.

The final game of the night was between Amari’s Ball Breakers and the IT&E Destroyers.

The strong start of the Ball Breakers set the tone as they gained four consecutive wins in the first two matches. They tried to prolong their dominance but the Destroyers disrupted the run in the second Singles 8-Ball match with a 2-1 run. The Destroyers continued to slowly make their way back with five wins in the next three matches to close the gap, but they failed to bag a much-needed win in the third Partners 8-Ball match. The Ball Breakers survived, 7-6.

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