Nathan Camacho adapts to change

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NATHAN Camacho, a multi-sport athlete, is adapting to crucial changes and overcoming challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nathan Camacho, right, poses with his mom Pauline before his trip to Guam for the Micronesia Baseball Classic in 2020.
Nathan Camacho poses with relatives Brian Camacho, Jordan Pangelinan and Tony Salas during the 2019 CNMI Labor Day Softball Tournament in Oregon.  Contributed photos

“Distancing myself from sports has been all right for me,” he said. “It’s good to take some time off to get your mind and body well rested and generate more strategies to become wiser in the game. Sometimes, stressing your mind and body can take a toll on performance, so time off will help relieve the stress.”

Camacho does home workouts to stay in shape. “I try my best to stay fit for baseball, softball and golf, so I came up with ways to work out at home. Conventional movements like bench press, squats and deadlifts are some of the workouts I do but I’m limited with the weights I use so I do more reps and sets. I’ve also doing more body workouts to help build my body strength.”

He added, “I normally work on conditioning from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., followed by compound and isolation workouts. I also try my best to watch my calorie intake and macros count — it’s an important way to stay lean and keep my physical shape.”

Camacho said it’s “quite unfortunate that we can’t do our normal daily routines. We are all overwhelmed by this pandemic which has restricted us from going to school, work, gym, gatherings, sports, etc. But health is also important and social distancing is our only option to ensure that we stay away from the virus.”

He said he tries his best “to cope with the tragedy by keeping myself active the whole day. I try to juggle home chores, schoolwork and home workouts.”

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