‘The Crank’ copes with the pandemic

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FRANK “The Crank” Camacho believes that government leaders and experts all over the world are doing everything to combat the spread of Covid-19 epidemic.

Photo shows some of Frank Camacho’s workout equipment at his home.  Contributed photo

“But as of now all [Ultimate Fighting Champion] events have been postponed which leaves me without a job like many others. We need to continue to battle through this like we always do with any situation and learn from it,” he added.

When asked how he continues to train, he said, “I’ll be doing what I need to do from home. When things start to clear, I’m sure testing will be more accessible. I can only control what my family and I do. So we will stay as healthy as possible to fight off any sickness and not congregate in places with lots of people.”

Camacho said he has all the “essentials” to work out at home and prepare for future fights including his bout with Alan Patrick Silva Alves.

“My main focus right now is the mental aspect of being strong and disciplined,” he said. “I am excited to really work the mind aspect of my game along side my physical conditioning in these isolation times. I see nothing but growth in myself as a martial artist and as a man.”

In the meantime, “I just make sure I have the proper protective wear, washing hands all the time, not touching my face, and ensuring I’m practicing safe social distancing. I don’t plan on traveling any time soon with all this going on.”

As for his wife and their children: “They are amazing. It feels great to be with them during these times. It makes me appreciate my loved ones even more.”

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