Mathew Richardson aims to stay in shape

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MATHEW Richardson, a Mount Carmel School senior and a point guard for the NMI Rollers Basketball Association, is coping with the Covid-19 situation by staying in shape physically and mentally.

Mount Carmel School’s Mathew Richardson attempts a layup during a game against the Tinian Stallions in the 2020 PSS Interscholastic High School Basketball League  at the Marianas High School Gym.  Photo by Prince Factor

“I am also studying footage from our recent season. I’m trying to pinpoint my mistakes and find ways to be more effective on the court.”

Richardson also work outs at home. “I do calisthenics everyday, and it’s been keeping me in shape. Eating healthy is also a priority for me while I undergo self-quarantine.”

Despite Covid-19 concerns, Richardson prefers to stay positive. “My plans are obviously uncertain now due to the situation we are in. But I still look forward to achieving my goals. Playing basketball in college has always been a dream of mine since I was young, and I will continue to fight for my dreams.”

He added, “I have been working twice as hard every day just so I could get what I want someday.”

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