Sands Team SCS slays Assassins

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SANDS Team SCS edged the VFW Assassins, 7-6, in the Thursday Division of the Saipan Billiards Association Open 8-Ball League at Sands Bar.

Both teams were hungry for control. Team SCS drew first blood, thanks to Roy Wu constantly hitting the pockets to defeat the Assassins’ Mei Rengiil. But the Assassins struck back twice as hard as Anson Smith and Jay Torres topped the following two rounds before Team SCS’ Jerry Tiu snatched the final win to even the score in the first Singles 8-Ball match, 2-2.

Working together, the players of Team SCS had the upper hand as they covered each other’s back. Aaron Velasco and Tiu bagged the first round while Daniel Miranda and Bryan Fabre joined in to complete a 2-win sweep in the Partners 8-Ball match that gave their team a two-point advantage.

The Assassins fought back to split the second Singles 8-Ball match and worked as a team to sweep the second Partners 8-Ball match. This put the game back in deadlock, 6-6.

Members of Sands Team SCS pose for a photo. The team is competing in the SBA Budweiser Open 8-Ball League Thursday Division at Sands Bar.  Contributed photo

In the final Partners 8-Ball match, however, Team SCS’ Wu and Rowel “Cobra” Mariano worked their way to victory to seal the deal for their team, 7-6.

MJD Tres Marias joined the winner’s circle as they dominated their game against Bamboo Club 88 BlackBall, 10-3.

After splitting the opening Singles 8-Ball match, 2-2, the Tres Marias quickly found their footing and took over the next two matches with six consecutive wins. The BlackBall fought back but managed to gain only one more win before bowing down to the Tres Marias, 3-10.

The 9Eleven DECM Wizards, for their part, took down Amari’s/IT&E Homeboyz 10-3.

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