Chioni Dela Cruz maintains a positive attitude

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CHIONI Dela Cruz, a shooting guard for Mount Carmel School and the NMI Rollers Basketball Association, is maintaining a positive attitude despite the Covid-19 crisis.

Dream Team’s Chioni Dela Cruz shoots a free throw in a basketball game at the Gilbert C. Ada Gym.  Contributed photo

Dela Cruz will graduate from MCS this year, but he has yet to commit to a particular college.

“College is still part of my future plan and I’ll stick to it,” he said. “I’m looking at sports medicine while pursuing basketball. I still have time to look for more options. Regardless of the situation, I firmly believe that my plans after high school are still attainable.”

Meanwhile, “I try my very best to remain positive. I’m keeping my head up and always looking at the good side of any given situation.”

Dela Cruz still aims to stay in shape through home workouts that consist of light weightlifting, calisthenics and resistance training. “Working out at home has been quite a challenge because home is where we’re most comfortable. It’s such a challenge to the body and the mind,” he said.

As for the island’s sports community, Dela Cruz believes that it can still be improved. “But for the most part, I feel like things are running pretty well and the support for athletes has been outstanding.”

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